Is Evidence Based Medicine a Movement in Crisis?
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In my early twenties, I tore a carotid artery out of my neck in a motorcycle accident. The emergency procedure that followed undoubtedly saved my life and from that point forward I had no time to listen to people complaining about the limitations of the nationalised health care that exists in the UK. In my thirties, the same system of evidence-based medicine let me down badly, and in the end, it was a chiropractor who describes himself as “the least evidence-driven person he knows” that turned my life around. Now I’m slightly confused. I am aware that the evidence-based system has a lot to offer, but I don’t feel I can use it effectively without the assistance of someone like Dr. Tommy Wood. Why? The system is in crisis. The system is in crisis in part because of the sheer volume of evidence being generated, much of which is unreproducible or misappropriated by vested interests. Building a meta-analysis atop of this shoddy foundation does little to clarify the situation. Animal and cell models. Are used as…