Vitamin D, Sunscreen, Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know
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The Information Age brought with it’s ugly stepsister named Confusion. Never was this more true than for the information and misinformation surrounding vitamin D, sunscreen, and cancer. Not getting burned makes intuitive sense, but will slathering on the sunscreen cause vitamin D deficiency? Could vitamin D deficiency be causing the cancer that the sunscreen is supposed to be protecting against? How much of a concern is skin cancer anyway? Do we need to worry about toxic chemicals in sunscreen? What type of sunscreen is best? Join Dr. Tommy Wood and me in this podcast interview for everything you need to know about to protect your skin in the performance and longevity. Also check out our article: Optimizing Vitamin D for Athletic Performance. When Tommy and I recorded this podcast I was using the Badger brand suntan cream, since then I’ve switch to using Rocket Pure. Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Tommy Wood 0:04:19 What is vitamin D (25-OH-D)? 0:05:37 Made using UVB radiation from the sun.…