Mark Allen: World’s Most Successful Triathlete
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What does it take to become a world-class triathlete? If anyone knows, Mark Allen does. Mark is a six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. He was able to win his first Ironman in 1989, and his last 1995 at age 37. He has also excelled at the Olympic distance, winning the sport's inaugural World Championships in 1989 in Avignon, France, by more than a minute. He was also undefeated in 10 trips to the Nice International Championships, and from 1988-1990 he put together a winning streak of 20 races. In this candid conversation, Christopher Kelly asks Mark a wide variety of questions about heart-rate and training, nutrition, mindset, and much more. All of that and much more in this episode of the podcast. Mark’s first Ironman race, a successful failure. When Mark Allen saw his first Ironman race on television he was immediately intrigued. He wondered if he had what it took to even finish the race. He’d done no biking and very little running over the years but felt that being on the swim team in college would…