How to Knock 3.5 Hours off Your IRONMAN Time
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Kristian Manietta is a husband, dad, coach, coeliac, life athlete, entrepreneur and host of the Fat Black podcast. Over the past 11 years, Kristian has helped hundreds of triathletes achieve and even greatly surpass their goals using methods both traditional and unconventional… with the balance more skewed to unconventional. I wanted to get Kristian on to talk about his incredible journey from pro snowboarder to average triathlete to sub 9-hour IRONMAN finisher. Like me and many other of my guests, Kristian has suffered from a multitude of gut problems that he now successfully manages with diet and lifestyle. Here’s the outline of this interview with Kristian Manietta: [00:00:06] Sign up for the Nourish Balance Thrive Highlights email series. [00:00:30] Action item to add to your routine: Be the first person to say hello. [00:02:41] Pro snowboarding. [00:03:54] Buying more snowboards at a shop that was offering trip to Whistler. [00:06:45] Squamish, British Columbia. [00:07:54] 11:27 → 8:57 IRONMAN time.…