Hormesis, Nootropics and Organic Acids Testing
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In this dense and technical episode with Dr Tommy Wood, we introduce Hormetea! Why Hormetea? We love polyphenols - those magical compounds from plant foods that lend them their bright colours and multiple health benefits. The greens and yellows in tea, the deep orange of turmeric, and purples of berries. Many of these compounds provide some of their benefits by activating the metabolic machinery associated with fasting and autophagy - a process known as hormesis. To get all these great compounds in one place, we went into the kitchen and cooked up a tea - Hormetea. In one serving, you’ll find the best-researched plant polyphenols in doses that have been clinically-proven to reduce inflammation and improve metabolic health, with a touch of pepper to increase bioavailability. We’re sure you’re going to love it! We will send the first 100 people that leave us a 5-star review on iTunes (video instructions) a 50g sample of Hormetea. Please send your US shipping address to [email protected] About…