Risk Assessment in the Genomic Era: Are We Missing the Low-Hanging Fruit?
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December 29, 2017
Doctor Bryan Walsh is back with us today, discussing the diagnostic benefits of a simple blood chemistry. He says the results of common and inexpensive lab panels can be mined for meaningful health information, potentially saving patients a lot of time and money on testing – that is, if you know what these blood markers actually mean (and your average doctor probably doesn’t). Fortunately for us, Bryan knows and loves to teach. In this podcast, he shares a bit about his own journey - what led him to study these basic blood markers, and what now inspires him to teach others. If you like this episode, visit Bryan’s Metabolic Fitness Pro website, where he continues to develop new educational material for health practitioners and other avid learners. Here’s the outline of this interview with Bryan Walsh: [00:00:58] Bryan's WellnessFX videos. [00:02:07] Textbook: Fischbach's A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 10th Edition. [00:04:27] Albumin. [00:05:58] Study: Allen, Larry A., and Christopher B. Granger.…