Methylation and Environmental Pollutants with Dr. Tim Gerstmar
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Dr. Tim Gerstmar practices Naturopathic Medicine at his Redmond, WA office, Aspire Natural Health. He specialises in working with people with digestive and autoimmune problems, and has worked with many of the most difficult to treat situations using a blend of natural and conventional medicine. He treats patients locally, throughout the US and as far away as the Qatar, Korea and Australia. In this interview, Dr. Tim talks about methylation, sequencing diet and lifestyle medicine, environmental pollutants, detoxification physiology and treatments plus much more! Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Tim Gerstmar, ND: [00:00:23] Methylation: How 1 Carbon Affects Your Brain, Your DNA and Everything — Tim Gerstmar, N.D. (AHS14). [00:04:22] Gut, autoimmune, hard-to-treat cases. [00:05:21] Autism. [00:06:20] Sequencing diet and lifestyle medicine. [00:09:33] Dr. Gerstmar employs health coaches. [00:10:33] 23andMe, penetrance. [00:12:23] Robb Wolf. [00:14:55] Environment toxicity. [00:17:18] Toxicity and…