How to Get Perfect Sleep with Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD
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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” so the lyric goes. If you don’t sleep you will be dead sooner is more true to life: Sleep improves everything. I mean, literally everything. I've not found a single thing that I can't tie to sleep being a major component of. And if you aren't sleeping well, you're just at risk for more of anything bad. Anything bad. —Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD, sleep expert and advisor to the Navy SEALs. Selling sleep should be like selling sex, so why is it so hard for people to do? Two reasons: Humans are the only animals with electricity, and we’ve used it to maximal effect for disrupting our normal circadian rhythms. It’s not that people won’t sleep, the problem is they can’t sleep. Time is money and shift working is a sad fact of life. The main thing you must do to get better sleep is appreciate its importance. I want you to buy into the idea of sleep and strive for it as you would any other goal. The rest is relatively straightforward, and that’s what Kirk and I cover in this podcast interview.…