How to Conquer Anxiety with Tim JP Collins
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September 2, 2016
Tim JP Collins is a British entrepreneur and host of The Anxiety Podcast. In a former life as an executive, Tim reached a tipping point onstage during a big presentation and has since turned his life around to overcome his anxiety and is now helping other people do the same. Looking back Tim realised that he’d created the perfect storm: Lots of travel away from home and family. Drinking alcohol in excess and too often. Staying up late and then waking up with gallons of coffee. Years of bodily abuse with bad food & not enough exercise. Working in a job that created no meaning. During this interview, you’ll find out how Tim conquered his anxiety. Tim mentioned: Luis Villasenor from Ketogains. The Ultimate Guide To Reinventing Yourself by James Altucher. I mentioned: Minimalism, a Documentary About the Important Things. The Keto Summit. Part two of this conversation is on Tim’s podcast, where I talk about the connection between chronic inflammation and anxiety, and how some of the changes Tim made may have been…