How Oxidative Stress Impacts Performance and Healthspan
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Our own Scientific Director and coach Megan Roberts is back on the podcast today to discuss an important but often misunderstood aspect of health and longevity: oxidative stress. It’s a condition associated with numerous chronic health problems including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Today we cover everything you need to know about oxidative stress: what it is, what causes it, how to know if you’ve got it, and how to fix it. If you want an objective assessment of your own oxidative stress burden, try using our Blood Chemistry Calculator. The calculator, powered by a machine-learning algorithm, analyzes your own basic lab work to produce a single Oxidative Balance Score that you can use to track progress over time. Note: During this podcast, you’ll hear us talk about the “Oxidative Stress Score” on the Blood Chemistry Calculator Report. This has since been renamed the Oxidative Balance Score. Here’s the outline of this interview with Megan N. Roberts: [00:02:20] Blood Chemistry Calculator.…