How to Measure Immune Balance Using Blood Testing
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We launched the Blood Chemistry Calculator six months ago and have come to rely on it for our Elite Performance Program clients as an initial screening tool and measure of ongoing progress. With the input of 39 basic blood chemistry markers, the calculator uses a machine-learning algorithm to predict health status in 6 specific areas: immune balance, toxicity, metabolic health, nutrition, oxidative balance, and a general 5-year wellness score. On this podcast, Tommy and I are talking specifically about the Immune Balance Score, the domain that forecasts immune system health and inflammation from 13 out of the 39 input markers and one forecasted value (CRP). Tommy discusses these markers in detail, citing research that supports using them to predict health outcomes. He also shares ideas for next steps to improve functioning in the area of immune balance. You can now try some features of the Blood Chemistry Calculator for free by visiting and clicking “Free Report”. Here’s the outline of…