Why Cholesterol Levels Have No Effect on Cardiovascular Disease (And Things to Think about Instead)
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Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is a medical doctor, author, speaker, and sceptic living in Cheshire, England. His evidence-based arguments refute the lipid hypothesis and other ideas related to chronic illness that has resulted in a pervasive culture of fear and misinformation. His popular blog features an ongoing series of posts on the real causes of heart disease, pointing to endothelial damage as a causal factor and nitric oxide as vital for preserving health. Dr. Kendrick is with us to share not only what really causes cardiovascular disease, but the specific environmental and psychosocial factors that cause the most harm, and what we need to do to maintain good health. We also discuss unexpected side effects of common medications and supplements and the healing power of specific micronutrients. If you enjoy this podcast, you can support Dr. Kendrick’s work by pre-ordering his latest book, A Statin Nation: Damaging Millions in a Brave New Post-Health World, available 7/12/18. Here’s the outline of this interview…