3 Ways Essential Amino Acids can Boost Performance
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This week I’ve got Dr. David Minkoff, MD on the show to talk about protein supplementation. Before going any further, I should make it clear I’m all for real food. Spend your money at the farmer’s market before you spend on any supplement. Having said that, I’ve also had great results taking supplements, and I’ve seen many other athletes enjoy the same. Close to the top of the list, especially for athletes with digestive complaints, are free-form essential amino acids. Dr. Minkoff is a board certified pediatrician and fellow in Infectious Diseases and has extensive postgraduate training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He’s an expert in Functional Medicine, Chelation, Allergy Elimination, European Biological Medicine, Neural Therapy, Longevity/Aging Medicine, Enderlein Therapy, Insulin Potentiated Therapy, and more. And equally important, Dr. Minkoff is an athlete himself, having competed in over 40 IRONMAN competitions. During this interview, we talk about protein and their amino acids building…