Pro Tour Rider Nutrition and the Benefits of Fasted-State Training
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November 18, 2016
Barry Murray is a sports nutritionist and member of the Irish Ultramarathon Team currently working with Pro Tour cyclists. Barry has won several ultra-distance (70-200 km) running races, The Mourne Mountain Way, The Abbots Way, The Giants Causeway, The Wicklow Way, The Kerry Way, all without eating anything for breakfast. How? In a word, fat-adaptation. In this interview, Barry describes his work with the pros and six much overlooked factors for high-performance ultra-endurance training: sunlight, cold thermogenesis, DHA from seafood, grounding, and water quality. Here’s the outline of this interview with Barry Murray: [00:01:56] BMC Racing Team. [00:02:06] Ultramarathon. [00:05:39] Low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic. [00:06:14] Fasted state training. [00:07:16] Sirtuins. [00:12:38] AMP kinase. [00:13:35] Beta-oxidation. [00:13:44] Mitochondrial biogenesis. [00:15:20] Acetyl-CoA. [00:15:38] Peter Attia, MD. [00:16:03] Stepwise adaptation. [00:18:38] What are the pro cyclists doing? [00:19:35] Nutrition is the new…