Self-Care and Integrated Movement for the Modern World
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Aaron Alexander is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over a decade of experience. He is the founder of Align Therapy™, an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands including Olympic and professional level athletes. He is the creator of the 'Self-Care Kit' and the host of a highly ridiculous and informative podcast. Here’s the outline of this interview with Aaron Alexander: [00:00:18] Rolfing Institute. [00:00:28] Structural alignment. [00:01:34] Entrepreneurship. [00:02:10] Align Podcast. [00:02:41] Dr. Stuart McGill. [00:02:50] Bike Fit Done Right: Nigel McHolland on my podcast. [00:02:54] Dr. Ellen Langer. [00:03:59] David Epstein. [00:04:33] Prof. Tim Noakes. [00:04:50] Keto Summit. [00:05:58] Mindfulness. [00:08:42] Hormesis. [00:08:58] Aaron at AHS 16. [00:09:16] Dr. Grace Liu. [00:12:53] Amy Cuddy. [00:15:31] Strongfirst instructor. [00:16:28] Read to Run: Kelly Starrett on my podcast. [00:21:44] Futsal. [00:24:02] Alexander Technique.…