Toréa Rodriguez and Hashimoto’s
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In this episode, Julie and me were lucky enough to be joined by biochemist, Silicon Valley executive, professional pilot and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner Toréa Rodriguez. We discuss how Hashimoto’s thyroiditis grounded her dream job, her experience working with Chris Kresser and what exactly she’s doing now to get back on track. Toréa has opened up a list for you to sign up to work with her. 05:20 Initially decided against the endocrinologist 06:00 A completely natural approach didn’t work 06:27 Elevated antibodies diagnosed Hashimoto’s 07:00 Toréa has a massive amount data from blood work on her thyroid 08:00 Symptoms are the last thing to show 08:25 The lab work reveals issues before they become a real problem 09:00 The benefits of functional medicine 09:33 Sensitivity is a current limitation of hormone testing 10:21 Started synthetic meds 11:00 Wasn’t feeling any better, lab results still abnormal 11:21 Trial and error titration 11:45 Frustration 12:00 Treat the symptoms, if that…