How to Entrain Your Circadian Rhythm for Perfect Sleep and Metabolic Health
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Greg Potter, PhD is the Content Director at, an online platform that uses a behaviour change model to help people lead more healthy lives. He creates online courses and other content to teach about the impact of lifestyle on health and recently spoke at the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Sweden on cutting-edge strategies for improving sleep. Greg is talking today with Dr. Tommy Wood about his research in the areas of circadian biology and metabolic health. They discuss the vital role of adequate sleep and the societal influences that undermine the quality of our slumber and our health. Greg shares his best and most actionable steps for improving your sleep, including the timing of exercise and meals, using caffeine and alcohol wisely, and even what to wear to bed. Here’s the outline of this interview with Greg Potter: [00:00:13] [00:00:46] Podcast: How to Track Effectively, with Dan Pardi. [00:01:04] What's a real British biscuit? [00:03:31] Myfood24. [00:04:35] Eating later in the day…