How to Assess an Athlete: The Best Principles, Methods, and Devices to Use
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Educator, coach, and exercise physiologist Dr. Mike T. Nelson is back on the podcast today. With a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Mike has made learning and teaching about the human body his life’s work. He has published research in physiology and engineering journals and speaks internationally on topics related to metabolic flexibility and movement. Today Mike is here to speak with Tommy from a coaching perspective about assessing athletes, specifically in the areas of physical performance, nutrition, lifestyle, and technology. Drawing on two decades of education and experience, he discusses the specific tools and principles he uses to evaluate his clients, mixing trusted methods with new technology. He also describes the best way to pick a coach and shares his criteria for selecting devices among new technology. Here’s the outline of this interview with Mike T. Nelson: [00:00:54] Previous podcasts: High Ketones and Carbs at the Same Time? Great Performance Tip or Horrible Idea… and The Importance of Strength…