Blood Chemistry in Athletes
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Over the past year, we’ve made the Blood Chemistry Calculator our primary screening and feedback tool for the athletes we work with. In that time we’ve noted some clear patterns in the effects of long-term and vigorous exercise on blood chemistry. We’ve learned that while certain tests seem to be directly affected by hard training sessions, some can also provide clues for how best to enhance athletic performance. In this podcast I’m talking with Dr Tommy Wood, MD, PhD about blood chemistry in athletes: which markers are affected by intense exercise, how to know if your labs indicate a problem, and what to do about it. We discuss the markers associated with athletic power and lifespan, and why knowing your own blood chemistry numbers may be the best thing you do for your health and performance. Here’s the outline of this interview with Tommy Wood: [00:01:24] Liver enzymes (ALT, AST). [00:04:44] Optimal vs standard reference ranges. [00:06:28] Differences among ethnic groups. [00:08:15] Recovery of liver…