Is Your Skin Missing This Essential Peacekeeping Bacteria?
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Jasmina Aganovic is a cosmetics and consumer goods entrepreneur who received her degree in chemical and biological engineering from MIT, and she’s back on the podcast to talk about the progress AOBiome have made with their clinical trials. In this interview, we focus mostly on the potential treatment of acne and hypertension, but trials are also underway for allergies, eczema, wound healing, migraines and temperature regulation. Mother Dirt is the company focussed on commercialising the research of AOBiome, and I’ve been using their AO+ Mist spray product for over two years for the successful prevention of nappy (diaper) rash, saddle sores, and acne caused by bike helmets. I’ve also been using the spray in the place of a deodorant, and so far my wife hasn’t divorced me. Jasmina wanted to make it clear that although my N=1 experiences are exciting, nothing has been FDA approved. Head over to Mother Dirt and take advantage of the generous 25% discount on offer. Use the code NBT25. Sign up for our Highlights…