How to Make a Career in Paleo
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Tony Federico is a shining example of how to make a career out of the paleo diet and lifestyle. After a personal training client suggested the diet, Tony never looked back, going on to write for Paleo Magazine and hosting the podcast of the same name. He recently made the decision to move on to VP of marketing at Natural Force; a supplement company committed to making products using only the purest, highest quality, all-natural and organic ingredients. You should listen to this interview for inspiration, business and career advice. Sign up for our Highlights email and every week we’ll send you a short (but sweet) email containing the following: One piece of simple, actionable advice to improve your health and performance, including the reference(s) to back it up. One item we read or saw in the health and fitness world recently that we would like to give a different perspective on, and why. One remarkable thing that we think you’ll enjoy! Here’s the outline of this interview with Tony Federico: [00:00:08]…