Specialists, Synthesizers, and Popularizers with Drs. Wood and Gerstmar
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February 23, 2017
This episode is syndicated from Dr Tim Gerstmar Aspire Natural Health podcast. We love Dr Gerstmar and would highly recommend you subscribe to his show. You should listen to this episode to get a fly-on-the-wall perspective of two brilliant doctors with different backgrounds problem-solving using similar techniques. Sign up for our Highlights email and every week we’ll send you a short (but sweet) email containing the following: One piece of simple, actionable advice to improve your health and performance, including the reference(s) to back it up. One item we read or saw in the health and fitness world recently that we would like to give a different perspective on, and why. One awesome thing that we think you’ll enjoy! Here’s the outline of this interview with Drs Tommy Wood and Tim Gerstmar: [00:00:48] Highlights email sign up. [00:04:02] Protocols vs. basic science education and principles. [00:06:05] Cooks and chefs. [00:07:18] Tim's previous appearances on my podcast: How to Test and Predict Blood, Urine…