How to Avoid Kidney Stones with Dr Lynda Frassetto
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Dr Lynda Frassetto is a medical doctor and Professor of Medicine and Nephrology at the University of California San Francisco. She is the director of a clinical research center at UCSF, supervises patient care at three of the University’s hospitals, and helps teach courses on improved communications and behavioral stress modification techniques. Dr Frassetto is currently recruiting for the PCOS Paleo study! You can find out more about the study on the UCSF site, and also on That aside, this episode is all about the kidneys. I first became interested in the kidneys after a urinalysis detected calcium oxalate crystals, and I started to worry about stones. I soon realised that the kidney's role in red blood cell production, gluconeogenesis and the regulation of blood pressure, electrolytes, pH and fluid balance is far more interesting than anything to do with filtration. In the interview, I mention two papers linking the ketogenic diet to kidney stones. They are: Furth SL et al. Risk factors…