The Critical Role of Oestradiol for Women’s Cognition
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Dr Ann Hathaway, MD has been successfully treating women and men with bioidentical hormones and other natural remedies since 1995. She is a member of the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine and is a director of the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Board. Tommy and I met Dr Hathaway at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging where she presented this excellent and incredibly well-referenced talk on the role of oestradiol in cognition for women. Dr Hathaway is primarily using blood testing to assess hormone levels. However, urinary metabolites can be very helpful for mapping out the oestrogens. At around the twenty-minute mark, this interview gets quite technical, and I think you'll find it useful to look at this section of a DUTCH report while listening to the audio. Notice the enzyme names are written on the arrows indicating the direction of metabolism. The word "hydroxy" is abbreviated OH, so when you hear Ann say "four hydroxy E1," look for 4-OH-E1 on the map. Here’s the outline of this interview…