Abel James on the Use and Abuse of Marketing in Health and Fitness
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After completing high school and college in just six years, Abel James graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors at Dartmouth College with a concentration in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Despite some early successes in his life, in his early 20’s, Abel James found himself facing failure. Financially stressed, over-trained, over-worked, 30 lbs overweight and suffering a devastating loss due to an apartment fire, his health came crashing down and he found himself at rock bottom. As a self-proclaimed “nerd”, Abel hit the books hard and learned how to biohack himself back to health. Now, Abel is dedicated to helping others, who’ve faced the same challenges that he did, recover their health and fitness through his New York Times bestselling book, The Wild Diet, and his award-winning web series, Fat-Burning Man. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and serial entrepreneur. Abel lives with his wife Alyson and his yellow lab, Bailey, in the mountains of Wilder, TN. Here’s the outline of this interview with Abel…