NBT People: Sarah Wnenchak
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Sarah Wnenchak has been working with us for the past 18 months and she recently kindly agreed to be interviewed for my podcast. We think that Sarah’s neurological and hormonal problems originated from several rounds of antibiotics for tonsillitis, and as the pictured Doctor’s Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis before and after shows, she responded very well to a herbal weeding and probiotic seeding protocol. Perhaps the most crucial change Sarah made while working with us was the switch from oral birth control to The Fertility Awareness Method. Sarah is now a Bulletproof certified health coach and consults with clients on diet and lifestyle alongside her vinyasa style yoga teaching at Truly Yoga Studio where she is the founder. Here’s the outline of this interview with Sarah Wnenchak: [00:00:44] Bulletproof Training Institute. [00:01:14] Tonsillitis. [00:01:23] 5 rounds of antibiotics. [00:02:51] Hormones and oral birth control. [00:05:31] Neurological symptoms as side effects. [00:06:43] Depression and…