156 – Genosha Strikes Back
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In which we hit the Empire Strikes Back of X-Tinction Agenda; it’s hard to be Laura Kinney; the psychic knife makes its debut; Evil!Sexy Moira retains some moral high ground; if your society is built on slavery, your society deserves to crumble; words mean things; Havok would be a terrible housecat; the mutants do not have the patent on stupidity; the opposite of blades is cotton; we give Cameron Hodge’s severed head a pep talk; and Cyclops goes full Peralta. X-PLAINED: * Uncanny X-Men #271, New Mutants #96, X-Factor #61 * Laura Kinney’s brief babysitting career * Our upcoming hiatus * Dramatis personae * A figurative battering ram * Focused totality * Best insults of the 1990s * A debate * Ethics of rhetoric * Housecat Havok * Skittering * Mutate numbering systems * The Prisoner vs. Les Miserables * The slow disintegration of reality as we know it * Sneaking with Cable * A singularly anticlimactic cover * A lushly illustrated report * Increasingly petty revenge * S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most advanced bald cap * A…