Seeing into the Future — Making Decisions, Telling Stories
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September 8, 2018
with Steven Johnson (@stevenbjohnson), Chris Dixon (@cdixon), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) There’s a lot of research and writing out there on “thinking fast” — the short-term, gut, instinctual decisions we make, biases we have, and heuristics we use — but what about for “thinking slow” — the long-term decisions we make that both take longer to deliberate and have longer spans of impact on our lives… and the world? Because we’re not only talking about decisions like who to marry (or whether to move) here; we’re also talking about decisions that impact future generations in ways we as a species never considered (or could consider) before. But… why bother, if these decisions are so complex, with competing value systems, countless interacting variables, and unforeseeable second- and third-order effects? We can’t predict the future, so why try? Well, while there’s no crystal ball that allows you to see clearly into the future, we can certainly try to ensure better outcomes than merely flipping a coin, argues author…