The Changing Culture of Open Source
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The culture of open source has changed across generations, from previous ones that had to fight for the brave new way — to the current “GitHub generation” that not only accepts open source, but expects it as the default. Which makes sense given that open source powers so much of the software world today… and by the way, that’s not just tech companies but hospitals and banks; it touches everyone. Open source culture has also moved away from cults of personality and top-down models to drive the vision for open source projects, to decentralized individual contributor identities and more micro-sized projects within projects. So what does that mean for the governance of open source, whether it’s by institution or foundation, or a “healthy” or “popular” project? Should we invert, always invert to make sure open source code “lands” and is committed by default — as opposed to going through a cabal of gatekeepers first? This episode of the a16z Podcast — featuring Nadia Eghbal (who formerly researched the…