The Hard Things about Security
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Here’s the hard thing about security: the more authentication factors you have, the more secure things are… but in practice, people won’t use too many factors, because they want ease of use. There’s clearly a tension between security and usability, not to mention between security and privacy (good security doesn’t always come with great privacy — what if you’re a journalist or dissenter under a repressive regime??). And finally, there’s a tension between the convenience and inconvenience of hardware given the expected convenience (but also dangerous connectivity) of software and mobile everywhere. So how to resolve all this? CEO and founder Stina Ehrensvärd found the answer to these paradoxes with her company Yubico, makers of the “ubi”quitous (ahem, no pun intended!) hardware authentication security key used by the top internet companies. They’re also the pioneering contributor to the FIDO open authentication standards — arguably as important as what the SSL protocol did back then between web servers and…