We Gotta Talk Pokémon Go
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Seemingly overnight, a single game — Pokémon Go — has taken people by storm. But it’s a game that was technically years in the making, building on a legacy of creative intellectual property and technologies such as mobile, geomapping/ geolocation, computer vision, and more. And since “toys are the prelude to serious ideas” [Charles and Ray Eames] or “the next big thing will start out looking like a toy” [Chris Dixon via Clayton Christensen], we want to understand this phenomenon beyond the hype and the hope: Not only is Nintendo stock soaring, but people are sharing amazing stories of massive public play, meeting strangers, saving dogs, fighting crime, helping autistic children. So what are some of the mechanics behind the game and its viral growth (and is this also a case of network effects)? Is this the first in a new wave of phone-based lightweight augmented reality a.k.a. “light AR”? How will things change as our environments become even more sensorified or more people embrace “camera expression” (as…