Podcast Episode 29 – There and back again and back again…
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February 11, 2016
Its a new year! And we’re late of course. Yes in the usual timely and zip zippity speed in which we like to do these things, here is the fashionably late 2015 look back and what’s cooking in 2016 discussion. We discuss favourite moments of gaming in 2015, the games we enjoyed the most and ponder the squabbling and silliness that we indulged in while at the gaming table this year. Portalcon and what’s with this new Portal logo?? Mike continues serenading his love for all things Blood Rage and Nate doesn’t get it as it has mini’s in it and HE DOES NOT LIKE MINI’S. And we discuss AP (Analysis Paulalysis) in our groups and whether its a good thing or not. And around another 30mins of drivel gold.