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Chris listens in in on the Accidental Tech Podcast with John Siracusa, Casey Liss and Marco Arment and tries to bust a few myths around dust in your camera. He just released a video that takes you behind the scenes of a photo shoot with a band. Also Jeremy wonders how much of a disappointment the new Canon 5D Mark IV really is and Chris gives his take on the critique that has been voiced online. RECEIVE EMAIL FOR NEW EPISODES Links: Photo Tours with Chris Video: Shooting Joo Kraus – Photo Session with Chris Marquardt Video: Cleaning Shoes – Retouching Joo Kraus’s soles in Lightroom / Photoshop xkcd: Duty Calls (aka “Someone is wrong on the internet”) Accidental Tech Podcast: 190: The Girl Who Never Came Over The Two Hosers Photo Show Particle Sizes Dust reduction system – Wikipedia tfttf746 – An Embarrassing Story The Apocalypse of Lens Dust (lensrentals.com) I Don’t Know Why It Swallowed a Fly – Weather Sealed Lens With a Fly Inside (lensrentals.com) Front Element Scratches (lensrentals.com) Download the…