tfttf738 – With One Eye Closed
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Andy has the feeling of missing out of some of the cool features his camera might have – because he’s using older lenses. Jack wonders how a photo he once saw could have such an incredible depth and Chris explores what depth cues in a photo can do to your perception. Also, friend of the show CJ Chilvers is asking for your help: in which past episode of TFTTF did Chris read from CJ’s book A Lesser Photographer? RECEIVE EMAIL FOR NEW EPISODES Links: The do-one-thing-every-day-that-scares-you newsletter CJ Chilvers needs your help to complete the list in this blog post Get EARLY ACCESS to episodes at Patreon Become part of a wonderful community and join the TFTTF Slack SPONSOR: Squarespace. Use discount code TOPFLOOR to get 10% off your first purchase Download the MP3 for this episode Receive TFTTF updates via email Photo tours with Chris Marquardt: » May 2017: Svalbard — Arctic (sold out) » Oct 2017: Bhutan — The Happiness Kingdom (only 1 spot open) » Jan 2018: Ladakh — Chadar Trek » Aug 2018: Ireland —…