271: Juno Jubilation
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elementary OS’ latest and greatest released today, and we talk with Dan and Cassidy from the project about their biggest release yet. Then community news, a preview of upcoming Ubuntu 18.10, and we announce our own free software project. Plus a chat with Dalton about the new Ubuntu Touch release and we find a real Photoshop replacement for Linux. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Brent Gervais, Cassidy James Blaede, Dalton Durst, Daniel Fore, and Martin Wimpress.Links:Tiny Palm smartphone baffles gadget fans - BBC News — A tiny Android smartphone designed to be a “companion phone”.KDE e.V. receives a sizeable donation from Handshake Foundation | KDE.news — We are excited to announce that the KDE e.V. received a donation of 300,000 USD from the Handshake Foundation. elementary OS 5 Juno is Here — Refinement, Productivity, & an Improved Developer Platform.Allen questions the Flatpak FUD - Pastebin.comFlatpaks, sandboxes and security — What Flatpak brings to this is understanding of the specific desktop app problem…