278: Shell in a Handbasket
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We chat with a developer who's gotten Linux running on iOS devices, do a deep dive into Clear Linux, and discuss Xubuntu ending 32bit support. Plus why Android in the cloud, and a bunch of community news.Special Guests: Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress, and Theodore Dubois.Links:One Raspberry Pi 3 not powerful enough? Try this five Pi cluster for computing on the edgeXubuntu Will Stop Producing 32-bit ISOs Beginning With Xubuntu 19.04 — The Xubuntu development team has now decided to go ahead and eliminate their 32-bit builds moving forward.Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser — Microsoft is throwing in the towel with Edge and is building a new web browser for Windows 10, this time powered by Chromium. Steam Link now in BETA on Raspberry Pi — The Steam Link app is now available in beta on the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+ running Raspbian StretchSputnik turns 6: Presenting the folks behind it — Thanks to the interest and support of the community, eight months later, the project became a product. On…