261: GNOME, GNOME on the Range
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GNOME is discussing big changes, Elementary OS has big news, and a big bug has been found in Linux. Plus an update on our PeerTube efforts, our take Android P, and Lenovo’s big commitment to ThinkPad’s running Linux.Special Guests: Alan Pope, Cassidy James Blaede, Daniel Fore, and Eric Hendricks.Links:July ended with 3.97M startups of #PowerShell Core 6!. ~82% of it on #Linux!Linux Kernel TCP implementation vulnerable to Denial of ServiceCommon Fedora Workstation Crashes Traced Back to GNOME JavaScript ExtensionsGNOME Might Need To Crack Down On Their JavaScript ExtensionsMoving Beyond ThemesDaniel Foré on TwitterA New Chapter – Cassidy James BlaedePlease welcome Lenovo to the LVFSRecently added PeerTube videosAndroid 9 PieInstall Transitions DJ for Linux, Linux apps in secondsGPG Sync v0.2