264: Proton, Electron for Games!
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Steam Play rocks the Linux world as it promises new levels of compatibility with AAA Windows games. But the story of how Valve is doing it might be just as fascinating. Plus community news, our thoughts on building a market for Linux apps, the latest from UBPorts, and more good news from LVFS!Special Guests: Alan Pope, Brent Gervais, Marius Gripsgard, and Martin Wimpress.Sponsored By:DigitalOceanVisit do.co/unplugged for a limited time special offer, or enter dounplugged after you create your account for a $10 credit. Promo Code: dounpluggedTingVisit linux.ting.com and get a $25 discount off a device, or $25 in service credit if you bring one!Linux AcademyVisit linuxacademy.com/unplugged to support the show and sign up for a 7 day free trial.Links:Realtek on the LVFS!Fedora Moves Ahead With Plans To Drop Packages Having Bad SecurityUbuntu Touch OTA-4 ReleaseKDE ItineraryUpdated: Intel Answers Complaints About Microcode Benchmarking BanBenchmarks Of Intel’s Latest Linux Microcode UpdateOrganizing a Market for…