WAL Daily 38: The Green New Deal, Climate Change, and Skeptics Stance with Max Gulker
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December 21, 2018
Wow! What a year! This will be the final episode of The Brian Nichols Show for 2018! But don't you worry, I have a special episode in store for you next week from my appearance on a different podcast… a podcast hosted by a dear friend of The Brian Nichols Show. To wrap up the 2018 season of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by Max Gulker from the American Institute for Economic Research! Max is an economist over AIER and has holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University and a BA in economics from the University of Michigan. Prior to AIER, Max spent time in the private sector, consulting with large technology and financial firms on antitrust and other litigation. Max joins The Brian Nichols Show to discuss one of his latest pieces from AIER- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Green New Deal". With the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her promoting of the "Green New Deal", Max took an economist's look at the topic to see the true economic consequences of passing a "Green New Deal" versus letting the…