S03 E03 - Ewan wants a better phone than you…
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This week Ewan's unhappy… everyone has an iPhone 4 or 4S now. Massive network subsidies mean anyone willing to take a reasonably expensive monthly contract can buy one. The exclusivity, the prestige and his image as a connoisseur are being eroded away. He asks why the market doesn't offer more exclusive devices above the price point of a top-end iPhone (noting Vertu's place in the market) and we discuss how brands and styling could return mobile devices to the status symbols they once were. Rafe also points out the economics behind manufacturers' decisions about the devices they market and explains materials science may be the answer in the not-too-distant future. Don’t forget to sign-up to our new newsletter to discuss the podcast and get some ‘behind the scenes’ news: https://tinyletter.com/361degreesSupport 361 Podcast