Slow & Steady

Slow & Steady
Join us as we share what it’s like to build and launch a bootstrapped startup while working for yourself full-time.

Building Branch with Special Guest Peter Suhm
Nov 14 • 41 min
Brian is on vacation this week, so Benedikt is joined by Peter Suhm of Branch. Peter and Benedikt talk about the history of Branch, how Peter got into building software products, as well as his experiences with Tiny Seed.
Trial & Error
Nov 7 • 26 min
Brian is inching toward being ready to start pitching his prototype to customers and Benedikt is feeling a bit uneasy about Userlist’s trial conversions.
Domain Expertise
Oct 31 • 34 min
Benedikt is excited about an expensive purchase and Brian is ironing out the last kinks in the onboarding flow of his new product.
Sleepless in Croatia
Oct 24 • 38 min
Benedikt gives an update on his time at MicroConf Europe and Brian thinks there’s a similarity in bootstrappers’ perception of markets and our inability to grasp the size of the universe.
Getting in Shape
Oct 17 • 37 min
After giving a short update on their past week, Brian and Benedikt talk about Ryan Singer’s book Shape Up.
Mountains, Calendars, and Slackbots
Oct 10 • 35 min
Benedikt is back from vacation and Brian is closing in on finalizing the functionality for his “Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely” prototype.
Pros & Cons of Building in Public with Special Guest Derrick Reimer
Oct 3 • 37 min
While Benedikt is on vacation, Brian is joined by Derrick Reimer to get meta on the pros and cons of doing a “Built in Public” Podcast.
Keeping up with the Bootstrappers
Sep 26 • 46 min
Brian makes good progress on his new product and Benedikt is finally done with researching how to implement in-app messages for Userlist. Inspired by Brian Casel, we also wonder how to make the podcast more interesting to listen to.
Tiny Tasks & Big Insights
Sep 19 • 43 min
Benedikt is feeling overwhelmed by a big list of small tasks. Brian continues to look for insights to address the problem of isolation and loneliness that many remote workers face.
Feast or Famine
Sep 12 • 37 min
Brian and Benedikt talk about their consulting businesses. They cover how they usually get new leads and what they do during the downtime between new projects.
Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely
Sep 5 • 35 min
Big news from Brian about his plans for Feature Audit and Benedikt talks through his struggles with analysis paralysis.
Webmaster of Puppets
Aug 27 • 43 min
Benedikt’s experience at a Metallica concert leads us to reminisce about building band websites in the old (and not so old) days. We also talk about our successes and failures and what we’ve learned from them.
Microminds & MasterConf
Aug 22 • 34 min
Brian’s still exploring the formation of a Mastermind group and Benedikt upgraded Userlist to Rails 6 before going out sick for a few days.
It’s dangerous to go alone!
Aug 16 • 42 min
Benedikt’s calendar exploded following Userlist’s launch. Brian had an encouraging week after a code pairing session with a friend. We talk about the pros and cons of having a co-founder and chat through some possible alternatives in the near-term.
First Day of School
Aug 9 • 41 min
Benedikt celebrates the successful launch of Userlist and some stressful hiccups that happened in the days prior. Brian gets some advice on restructuring his business model.
Hello World
Aug 1 • 30 min
Brian and Benedikt talk about how the idea for the show came about and what they’re hoping to share along the way.
Aug 1 • 41 min
Benedikt and Userlist have an official launch date and a Code Freeze. Brian struggles to find time for Feature Audit between client proposals and family time.