The Banana Data Podcast

The Banana Data Podcast
Welcome to the Banana Data Podcast! We’re a new data science podcast, focused on the latest & greatest of the DS ecosystem, sprinkled in with our musings & data science expertise. With topics ranging from ethical AI and transparency to robot pets, our ?

#10: What Makes a Good Data Science Practice
Sep 13 • 29 min
For our season 1 finale, Triveni and Will give their two cents on the most important aspects of a data science practice. From intentional data to getting outside perspectives, they walk us through how to build not only a scalable AI practice, but one that…
#9: The Death of Data Viz, Cross-Cultural AI, and AI Auditing
Aug 30 • 25 min
In our penultimate episode of season 1, Triveni & Will explore the death of data visualizations, the variance in global approaches to AI, the feasibility of an AI audit, and the value behind Spark.
#8: Prioritizing training data, model interpretability, and dodging an AI Winter
Aug 16 • 27 min
This episode, Triveni and Will tackle the value, ethics, and methods for good labeled data, while also weighing the need for model interpretability and the possibility of an impending AI winter.
#7: Building accessible queries, codes, and speech using AI
Aug 2 • 21 min
In episode 7 of the podcast, Triveni and Will explore how AI is shaping our world to become more accessible, and how we as data scientists can help it get there, diving into Salesforce’s new “unstructured” querying tool, the various physical…
#6: AI Meets World: GDPR, the AI Job Apocalypse, and AI’s carbon footprint
Jul 19 • 26 min
When we release our AI into the world, its impact extends far beyond the business and tech we’re working on. On this episode, we’re diving into the consequences of AI on consumers, housing, and the environment through the lens of GDPR, the supposed “AI…
#5: A New Kind of Relationship with AI: Robopets, AI Art, and AI EQ
Jul 5 • 24 min
With AI increasingly becoming part of our lives, Triveni & Will dive into how AI systems will redefine our understanding of personal relationships - and how we as humans can feel some sort of emotional connection to our AI. From Robopets to AI art,…
#4: The future of data according to predictions, Python 3.0, and people.
Jun 22 • 26 min
Episode 4 is all about the future of AI - jumping into how current model bias influences future AI, the switch to Python 3.0, and the policy implications of machine learning in practice.
#3: Culpability in AI failures, Fooling NNs with NNs, AI for cancer screenings, and Epsilon Greedy Multi-Armed Bandits
Jun 7 • 22 min
How can AI improve accessibility in healthcare? Who gets the blame when an algorithm fails? How can we tell the real from the hype in AI reporting? What the heck is an epsilon multi-armed bandits? This week on BDN.
#2: Biased Data & the Perfect Answer, Multi-Armed Bandits, and the GPUs Behind Your Neural Networks
May 23 • 32 min
This week covers biased data in our digital assistants, flaws in A/B testing, and how (and why) GPUs actually affect our neural networks’ performance.
#1: Being an Ethical Data Scientist, Federated Learning in Healthcare, and Dropping the “Best Model” Approach
May 9 • 21 min
This week, Triveni & Will tackle the ethics of being a data science and how we can best improve our models to maintain privacy - while still maintaining efficiency.