The More I Know The More I Don’t

The More I Know The More I Don’t
1 song every week all 2019. A detailed background for each song & it’s creative process - among many thoughts & ideas.

31 Ever Since I Found You
Aug 8 • 32 min
Faith & the story behind Ever Since I Found You
30 Built Different
Aug 8 • 41 min
Accountability & the story behind Built Different
29 Player Haters Ball
Jul 30 • 41 min
My Discipline & The Process, The Squad, Why It Was Never About Illegal Immigration, the End of White Supremacy, & the story behind the Player Haters Ball
28 Underdogs & Lonewolves
Jul 21 • 53 min
Welcome Dr. View, Seat of The Soul, & Underdogs & Lonewolves
27 Thinkin Out Loud
Jul 12 • 37 min
New hustlers, reverence vs respect, the relationship of the soul and personality, and the story behind #ThinkinOutLoud
26 Radar
Jul 6 • 10 min
The Story Behind Radar & Why I Don’t Like Custom Beats
25 Clock Tales
Jun 25 • 10 min
Don’t Be Passionate & The Story Behind Clock Tales
24 IDK
Jun 19 • 23 min
Why I Don’t Respect “Bold” Opinions/Predictions, Science Over Expertise, & The Story Behind IDK
23 Heavy Wings
Jun 14 • 25 min
Overthinking Is Impossible, Diagnosis’ and Prescriptions, & the story behind Heavy Wings
22 Snooze
Jun 5 • 23 min
Out of State Shows, The Returns of Performing Out of State, & the Story Behind Snooze
21 Rich Forever
May 31 • 23 min
Ownership & Employment, Why It’s Important, & the Story Behind Rich Forever
20 Bling Bling
May 21 • 25 min
Abort Mission & My Role As A Male, Liability of Labels, and the story behind Bling Bling
19 Bob Marley
May 15 • 15 min
Why it’s hard for me to be open/personal on social media, Theory vs Reality, & the story behind the song “Bob Marley”
18 No Surprise
May 8 • 18 min
The Real Work Is The Inner Work, the story behind Week 18 of #52in365, No Surprise
17 Sacrifice
Apr 30 • 20 min
No Shame In Showing Love, Humor’s Expense, Ignorance Is Bliss, & the story behind Sacrifice
16 Long Time Coming
Apr 23 • 28 min
The importance of purpose, consciousness in companies and people, using the right words, being considerate, the value of articulation, and the story behind Long Time Coming
15 Tears of Joy Coming Soon
Apr 16 • 15 min
Pain: embrace vs escape, the dual meaning of the Chinese interpretation of a crisis, & the story behind Tears of Joy Coming Soon
14 WHO R U?
Apr 10 • 23 min
Grief & Productivity, Why It’s So Hard For Us To Admit We Don’t Know Anything, RIP Nipsey tha Great, & the story behind WHO R U?
13 Money In The Way
Apr 2 • 41 min
Nipsey tha Great, The Lie About What Wealth Looks Like, How Wealth Really Looks, 50 Cent, Wealthy & Bankruptcy, & the story behind Money In The Way
12 Toast to It
Mar 26 • 26 min
Viewer’s Discretion EP release this week, how you can support ya homies, the #ifthenartists, why your retirement is more important than your child’s college fund & the story behind Toast to It
11 Wrong Way
Mar 18 • 19 min
What to expect over the next 3 weeks, Hip Hop Hypocrisy & it’s Jim Crow roots, & the story behind Wrong Way
10 Familiar Territory
Mar 11 • 20 min
#52in365 intentions, irresponsible capitalism, & the story behind Familiar Territory
9 Lawton View
Mar 5 • 22 min
Why excuses never matter & the story behind week 9 of #52in365, #LawtonView
8 No Small Talk
Feb 25 • 27 min
Create vs compete, scarcity vs abundance, & blue oceans vs red oceans, Hip Hop as the force of aspiration, & the story behind No Small Talk
7 Is It You?
Feb 18 • 24 min
Being married to the process instead of the results, the importance of not denying our reality, the misconception of questions, why it’s important to embrace the fact that we don’t really know anything, & the story behind #IsItYou.
6 Hated
Feb 11 • 28 min
Story behind Hated, including why race matters, why it’s important to fight the racist system of America and also understand that the system can only hinder you so much, as well as religious racism & it’s implications & intentions.
5 All Time High
Feb 4 • 11 min
Why I’ve decided to vlog everyday, how Super Bowl commercials prove the value of Obama’s presidency, how accurate it is that advertising is the “art form” America contributed to the world, & the story behind All Time High
4 Friday Patience
Jan 28 • 15 min
Why motivation is bullshit, we should stop basing our reality off of human logic, and the story behind Friday Patience
3 Young Kings Came Up
Jan 21 • 15 min
In week 3 of #52in365 we discuss the concept of showing love to who shows you love, the relationship between initiation & reciprocation, “toxic femininity”, & of course the story behind Young Kings Came Up.
2 L-Intentioned (Format Update)
Jan 14 • 21 min
We talk about my recent oil change & the responsibility that comes w expertise/genius, bad advice, the value of stories, the responsibility of my mental health, the format change, & this week’s upcoming song, Young Kings Came Up.
1 If You Gon Know Me
Jan 7 • 15 min
First episode - Introduction of the show, the illusion of “exclusive” problems, new year resolutions, & backgrounds of last week’s release, #IfYouGonKnowMe & this week’s #LIntentioned