Creating Conflict with Christians

Creating Conflict with Christians
Conflict is necessary for Change. Don’t be scared. Let’s address some of the most controversial issues that face us today, from a Christian Perspective.

17 - Approaching Gun Violence from a Christian Perspective
Aug 16 • 12 min
Gun Violence in America is difficult to discuss, especially within the context of Christian beliefs.
16 - Why is the Christian Church Failing on Racism?
Jul 22 • 15 min
Is the structure of the Christian Church making Racism better or worse in today’s America?
15 - Is Today’s Christian Forgiving?
Jun 20 • 24 min
Have you ever forgiven someone that never apologized, to restore your inner peace? What process do you take to forgive yourself?
14 - An Abortion Case Study
May 19 • 16 min
Everyone is talking about Abortion Legislation, but are Christians approaching the issue in a way that helps, or hurts the overall cause of bringing people closer to Christ?
13 - How has the Trump Presidency Impacted Christian Values?
Apr 1 • 16 min
President Trump has the gift of polarization. Is he changing the way Americans view the Christian Faith?
12 - “Family Feud” - Handling Non-Christian Family Members
Feb 28 • 23 min
Is there a right, or a wrong way for Christians to deal with Non-Christian family members?
11 - Breaking Boring Bible Study
Feb 1 • 16 min
You are going to see things from the perspective of where you are…INCLUDING the Bible!
10 - Addressing the EXvangelicals
Jan 6 • 18 min
Check out this story of a Christian’s experience venturing into a hostile environment in efforts to bridge the gap!
9 - How Should Christians Communicate About Abortion?
Dec 15, 2018 • 18 min
Can Christians put aside ideological differences long enough to agree that there is a right, and a wrong way to communicate about Abortion? What does the Bible say?
9 - How Should Christians Communicate About Abortion? - Snippet
Dec 11, 2018 • 0 min
Is the method by which Christians communicate about Abortion effective, or are we ignoring the subject for our own comfort? Failure to communicate is indeed, Failure.