NOMADad (Not On My Ass Dad)

NOMADad (Not On My Ass Dad)
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16 Jonathan Oliver
Oct 16 • 54 min
Come listen and be inspired by Jonathan Oliver a Stay at Home Dad outside of Tulsa, OK. He is a public speaker, personal development coach and author. His insight into Fatherhood and his passion for being an advocate to other African American Stay at home…
15 Matt Cox
Oct 2 • 35 min
A conversation with a dad starting to build a brand around being informative about cars and showing you and his kids the gear, wheels and tools to know their way around their vehicle. Along the way he will show the rest of us what he knows about cars and…
14 Spike Zelenka
Sep 21 • 32 min
Editor and Creator of Fathers of Multiples sits down to talk about why he started this great resources. We also discuss his own twin boys and being a stay at home dad. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
13 Larry Vinson
Sep 4 • 41 min
Do you struggle to balance life and work? I sit down with one of my best friends to discuss his large family of 8 and his busy life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
12 Ricky Shetty
Aug 22 • 49 min
Come along on a conversation about traveling the world with your family. Ricky Shetty is a Dad using Blog Sponsorships and budgeting skills to get his family to all 7 continents. Along the way he has written a few books and has a thriving blog. check out…
11 Clint Edwards
Aug 7 • 39 min
Author of I’m Sorry… Love Your Husband and This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things sits down to talk about marriage, parenthood and why he got into writing. He writes on his own blog “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog” He is a…
10 Miscarriage
Jul 31 • 62 min
A conversation with a father of 6. Three of whom he never got to meet and three he will hold in his arms daily. Talks about how as a Father he deals with the loss of his children, and how he found hope in Faith to help his wife to continue moving forward…
9 Fatherhood for the Rest of Us
Jul 23 • 52 min
A conversation with Brandon Handley of Fatherhood for the Rest of Us. Why having a tribe of Dads around you is very beneficial! Check out everything Brandon had to offer at the link below Become a supporter of this…
8 Brian Alkire: Kzoodad
Jul 3 • 34 min
Brian Alkire of joins me to talk about Dad2.0, his life as a stay at home dad, and being a Dad Blogger with an upcoming adventure into podcasting. Check him out on IG,Twitter and FB @kzoodad Keep a look out for his upcoming episodes on his…
7 Jon Lai The New Culture of Fatherhood
Jun 19 • 41 min
Fatherhood and The New Culture of Dads Youtube creator of New Dads San Francisco Dads Group Campbell Dads Group…
6 Fathers Eve Founder John Francis
Jun 11 • 54 min
A dad from Minnesota accidentally creates a New Holiday for Fathers. Learn about how to celebrate and also about how he is raising his two teenage daughters. Check out to find a location near you or start hosting one in your area.…
5 Busy Dad, trying to leave a Legacy
Jun 5 • 48 min
I sit down with Casey Palmer from Toronto, Canada. We talk about his inter-racial family, his life as a Dad Influencer in Canada and why Legacy is so important to him. Become a supporter of this podcast:
4 Author Mark LaMaster
May 29 • 34 min
Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughter Author Mark LaMaster talks about his new faith based book, raising a teenage daughter and the importance of instilling good character morals. Become a supporter of this podcast:
3 Battling Mental Health
May 22 • 33 min
May is Mental Health Month. I had the opportunity to talk with Micah Adams, father of 2 boys and a fellow At Home Parent. We discuss his battles with depression, anxiety and bipolar while also talking about his kids and the things they are dealing with.…
2 Fighting to Build a Legacy
May 17 • 39 min
Champion Mauy Tai and Kickboxer Tyger Banks discusses training to fight while also breaking his own generation chains of fatherhood and build a lasting legacy for his children. (The last 5 mins had some technical difficulties with equipment and I want to…
1 New Dad
May 9 • 48 min
A new dad gives his take on becoming a father, what he has experiences in the first week and also the insight of an employer not having a maternity/paternity leave policy plus the funny stories of the firsts of a dad. Become a supporter of this podcast:…