Clarity Compressed: Build a Better Business Through Better Brand Development

Clarity Compressed: Build a Better Business Through Better Brand Development
Practical perspective on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership to align your team and build your brand. #pursueclarity

The Transaction of Growth
Dec 3
I’m standing in the middle of a dump of a building for this week’s episode. Who would own a dump like this? Me. My wife and I just bought this building and have really big plans to renovate it into the new Intergalactic Headquarters of Congruent.
Where Do You Put the Fear?
Nov 26
This episode comes from the middle of a big week, and also while standing directly in front of the Atlantic Ocean. I talk about the fear we all face if we are going to move forward in life. Just like there’s no way to run a marathon without getting tired,…
Alex SanFilippo
Nov 19
I’ve been working on getting some more variety with our guests lately and today is no exception. We’re talking with Alex SanFilippo who has a very successful podcast, has created his own social platform, and is also an aerospace executive. What could go…
Marketing to the Human Being with Paxton Gray of the Agency, 97th Floor
Nov 12
It’s an awesome week on the show because I got to sit down with long-time marketer and EVP of the breakout agency 97th floor, Paxton Gray. If you pay attention to where others are paying attention (aka, a business owner or marketer) then I know you will…
Talking w/ Guy Kawasaki about Apple, Personal Brands, and Celebrating Remarkable Humans
Nov 5
Somebody had to be one of the people responsible for marketing Apple’s Macintosh line back in ’84. This is the guy. Well, more directly, this is Guy Kawasaki, my guest on this week’s show. Guy was gracious enough to give me some time while we were both…
A Surefire Way to Break the Mundane
Oct 29
You’ll hear it in my voice… I was pumped to be shooting the podcast in my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This week I’m all about getting out and meeting other people. This is such a critical aspect of gaining objectivity and growing. It has also…
How to Bring People Closer
Oct 22
I just finished filming the soon-to-be-released Brand Is Gravity workshop and I’ve been thinking non-stop about what it means to bring people closer, because I believe that is what brand is all about. Making money isn’t the point of a great business, its…
Why All Relationships Eventually Break
Oct 15
Life is full of relationships. Romantic ones, friendships, work relationships, and our businesses are constantly in relationship with consumers and employees. They all start with some sort of attention which eventually leads to a level of connection. But…
The Game is Won in the Brutality of the 99%
Oct 8
This week I’m sharing a little inspiration and encouragement I found from our old friend Tommy Edison, the man who invented the lightbulb, as I push through the 99% of perspiration it takes to follow through on that one great idea. I’m in the throes of…
Death of the Brand Era??
Oct 1
I heard a brilliant interview on the CMO Podcast on which the guest, NYU Stern School of Business clinical professor Scott Galloway said that the sun is setting on the “brand-era”. What-the-whaaaat??? His premise is that the time between World War 2 and…
If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes
Sep 24
Being present is not the same as hearing. Being present, doesn’t equal hearing, and hearing doesn’t equal understanding, and understanding doesn’t mean implementing and implementing doesn’t mean succeeding. I’m recording this podcast in Chicago in the…
Looking My 2-Star Review Straight in the Eye
Sep 17
A two-star review just came in for my recent book, “The Automotive Manifesto”. It actually got me excited. It came from Amy. Not only am I honored that she, bought, read, AND took the time to review, but she also had some valid perspectives. I thought it…
How to Get Yourself UNstuck
Sep 10
Everyone gets ‘stuck’ in life. I just did in a MAJOR way. The new site we launched for Congruent took about 10 times longer to develop then if we had been building a site for a client. Why? Because it was ours. Because we were too close to it. Because…
A Marketing Approach That Will Change Your Organization
Sep 3
If you’ve been confused, disheartened, suspicious and/or frustrated with your branding and marketing spend, there is probably good reason. This episode might provide clarity. This is the third part of my recent series on the broken agency model and what…
Why Modern Marketing Metrics are Broken
Aug 27
I’ve been getting myself into a little trouble lately. I just don’t understand how the conflict of interest in the current agency model has lived on for so long. Charging clients fees which are based on a percentage of ad spend just seems crazy to me.…
Why the Ad-Spend Markup Agency Model is Broken and What to Do About It.
Aug 20
Would you rather spend your marketing dollars on ads, or on content that’s created to optimize lasting brand connection? There is an existing conflict in the ad world that is forcing many organizations into ad spend that is out of balance. Because the…
Starting a Business: Things I Wish I Knew
Aug 13
A lot has changed in the business world since I first ventured out to start my own business with a few thousand borrowed dollars and a rusty 1984 Chevy Astro. In the 17 years since there are so many things that 2019 Paul would have been able to teach 2003…
Fitting in Won’t Authenticate Your Brand
Aug 6
I recently visited Bergstrom Automotive, a dealership group out in Wisconsin, and a thought came to me. Are you doing something because it’s relevant to the culture, or are you being authentic with yourself in what you do? A lot of different businesses…
Is Your Business As Agile As Your Mind? (Guest: Dr. Nicole Lipkin)
Jul 30
Is mental agility the new indicator of how successful a leader or organization will be? Maybe so. You may think of “mental agility” as the ability to switch tasks quickly or, to use a trendy word ‘pivot’. However, this week’s guest, Dr. Nicole Lipkin,…
Yes, It Matters.
Jul 23
I remember a popular self-help book back in the late 90’s called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. If you’ve been in business since then, you probably remember it too. It proposed a way to position all the problems and situations in your life so they didn’t…
Leadership: The Visionary vs the Arsonist
Jul 16
There is a dark side to visionary leaders that often gets lost in the midst of the allure and appeal of progress. It’s like many relationships in life where we overlook the downside because the upside is good. In reality, BOTH sides of behaviors are…
Pivoting Plans When Your Business Gets Punched in the Face
Jul 9
I’m dating myself when I tell you that, as a kid, I played a game called “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” on the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In real life, Mike Tyson was an insane boxer to watch. Full of power and antics. A real entertainer out…
Just Keep Swinging
Jul 2
Have you ever tried chopping down a tree?? Swing after swing you get tired, exhausted, you may even stop. It’s like any job! After enough time has passed, you can get drained. I do. But REMEMBER: It’s ok to take a break and sharpen that axe. You can do…
The “Pills” of Business: Short-Term Marketing Tactics
Jun 25
It’s not easy to walk through an airport backwards, recording a podcast … ESPECIALLY when everyone else’s eyes are glued to their phones! But then I thought to myself: there’s a daily opportunity that your brand DOESN’T want to miss. Think about it. There…
A Millennial’s Experience Proves Brand Connection Wins
Jun 18
I had a conversation about a brand experience I just couldn’t ignore. More than that, I couldn’t bear NOT sharing it with you because of it’s timely relevance. I’m excited to introduce you to my friend and colleague, the 25 year old D.P. (Director of…
The Birth of Carvana (Guest: CEO, Ernie Garcia)
Jun 11
Every company starts with a story. Usually that story revolves around a person and a problem they are out to solve. Today is no different. When I spent some time with Carvana CEO, Ernie Garcia a while back we saved a good portion of the interview to…
A Few Moments of Clarity
Jun 4
On this week’s show I thought it was a good idea to bring it back to basics…one camera, one voice, one mic and one goal. To have you walk away with one small moment of clarity you can deploy TODAY in order to move closer to person you want to be. I’ve…
Leadership is Leadership is Leadership (Guest: Kevin Frye)
May 28
My guest today, Kevin Frye, is currently the Marketing Director of one of the largest, most progressive dealer groups in the country (Jeff Wyler Automotive), was a Navy fighter pilot who has flown hundreds of combat hours and is a man who understands and…
A Follow-Up of ClarityCon: Automotive
May 21
It’s been two weeks and I’m STILL having flashbacks about how awesome ClarityCon 2019 was… seriously! I know I touched on the event last week, and how empathy was a key theme across all the speakers, BUT… this week I wanted to share the overall experience…
Achieving Alignment… What Should You Do FIRST?
May 14
Phew… My very first live event, ClarityCon 2019. went down last and it was a HUGE success. Looking back, it couldn’t have imagined it going much better. The speakers, attendees and my team walked away with some more vision and clarity for what it looked…
When It’s Not Easy… Keep Going
May 7
If you want to do something that’s worth anything, you can’t get FANCY, you can’t get LAZY, you can’t get ENTITLED, you can’t stop being empathetic to those on the journey with you. Oh, and by the way, it’s INCREDIBLY difficult. This is just the way it is…
17 Years of Experience in 64 Pages
Apr 30
Long story short … I wrote a book. It only took me 17 years. Ok, ok….it only took me 4 weeks to write the first draft, but it took a lifetime to know what to write. Most situations are like that. Every moment we live is the result of every other moment…
Innovation is a Choice
Apr 23
Isn’t if funny how we obsess over controlling all the things we can’t, yet often ignore the one thing we can. The one thing you can always control is your decision. I had the chance to head down to NYC to speak at the DrivingSales President’s Club this…
A Conventional Reunion with My Friends, Reunion Marketing
Apr 16
What are conventions great for? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … CONNECTION. When people are in the same room, they talk, and when they talk, both parties win. Fresh perspectives, new ideas, shared tools, newfound knowledge, you name it, it’s…
Bring Your Therapist To Work Day
Apr 9
Let’s face it, we all have issues that blur our vision and judgement at times. Most times, they aren’t business issues or personal issues or coworker issues or relationship issues…they are HUMAN ISSUES. Listen in as Mike and I discuss the things that get…
It’s OK to Take a Break!
Apr 2
I hear lots of voices telling everyone to “hustle their faces off” but not many encouraging the balance required to stay fresh. The truth is, sometimes the most productive and progressive thing you can do is take a break. It’s ok.
Business Doesn’t Suck… with Carvana CEO, Ernie Garcia
Mar 26
It seems the word “disruption” is thrown around pretty loosely these days. Ernie Garcia legitimately disrupted one of the largest retail industries in the USA. Automotive. Our conversation spans from cars to startup culture to personal legacy. One of my…
A Dealership for The People
Mar 19
What’s the difference between crazy and eccentric? Today’s guest will help you consider the answer. We talk about his huge collection of custom Nikes (I knew I liked him), his 22,000 gallon koi pond you have to cross on a glass walkway in order to get…
A BowTie and a Personal Brand
Mar 12
I’ve said it again, and again, and again, and again. Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is not the name of your company. Your brand is a feeling that gives someone a reason to do business with you. BowTie Terrance is the epitome of a personal brand,…
Avoid Paying the Brand-Tax
Mar 5
This is the last podcast I’ll make in my 30’s as I enter my next decade of life. If I were to pass on just one lesson I learned in my 30s, I would tell you to GET HONEST with yourself as soon as possible. Honesty IS clarity. Sure, it’s easy to wish the…
Cultivating People Business (Guest: VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer, Claude Silver)
Feb 26
Imagine what it would be like if your organization was able to deliver an amazing customer experience BY delivering an amazing employee experience. Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer at Vayner X spent a little time with talking about what it looks…
Making Excuses Makes Bad Business
Feb 19
If anyone ever had a good excuse for a business to fail, it would be the guy selling VW beetles to West Texas Cowboys. BUT, just the opposite happened. A few weeks ago I went all the way to Amarillo Texas and had the privilege of talking to John Luciano,…
One Year of Clarity
Feb 12
I can’t say THANK YOU enough for being a part of this community and hope to work twice as hard to bring you value in the future.
Your Brand is NOT About You
Feb 5
It’s true, people just don’t care about you. They don’t want to hear about your 50th anniversary. They don’t really care that your Great-Great-Great Grandpappy founded the company. They don’t want you to tell them about all the awards you’ve won. They…
Denial. Anger. Acceptance. | My Experience at NADA Show 2019
Jan 29
There are certain moments where things just come together. This past week was one of them as I spent 6 days in SanFrancisco for the National Auto Dealers Association annual convention. The seismic shift in consumer demands has finally caught up. Consumers…
2021 Reasons Branding Might Just Be the Death of You
Jan 22
You know those moments when something you’ve been feeling or saying gets validated by some other credible source? Well that was the story of my day at Gary Vaynerchuck’s Agent2021 conference. The topic? You guessed it… BRAND.
Giving Back After Your Successes (Guest: CBT News CEO, Jim Fitzpatrick)
Jan 15
For the first (and probably last time) in my life, the words “Who are you, Barbara Walters?!” were spoken to me. They came from this week’s guest, Jim Fitzpatrick, CEO of the CBT News Network and the Atlanta Small Business Network when I started asking…
You Can Regain Control. You Get to CHOOSE.
Jan 8
We often get in situations where we feel like we are a hostage to our situation. Consumer behaviors. Volatile markets. The political climate. Our financial outlook. AND THEN, there are all the things that really go deeper…our relationships. Our spouse or…
Here’s To A Year of Clarity
Jan 1
Will 2019 be a year of CLARITY or just more fog? We’re ringing in the new year right for 2019. A new name, renewed trajectory and the desire to make this next year the clearest, most fulfilling year yet. I hope that you are gearing up to do the same. Why?…
All I Want For Christmas is CLARITY
Dec 25, 2018
As we recorded the last episode of the year, it’s a surreal thought that we only started 10 months ago. In this quick little episode, I take a little walk down the best moments of the year and talk about a bit of trajectory for 2019.
Realistically Navigating Relationships (Guest: AJ Amyx)
Dec 18, 2018
On this week’s podcast, I spoke with the inimitable AJ Amyx. He’s a growth strategist for creative entrepreneurs who I recently connected with. I love his energy and insight into life. I’m really happy with this episode and the CLARITY it brings to some…
Brand Value In Tough Times
Dec 11, 2018
Right now, there’s all sorts of talk and murmurings about a coming recession. If you weren’t in business ten years ago, then you might not really understand what it’s like to do business in that sort of climate. From someone whose been there: It’s a weird…
New Vayner Friends, Same Message of Clarity
Dec 4, 2018
This week we are welcoming LOTS of new friends in to the COMPRESSED community. Why do we have so many new friends you might ask? Well, because Gary Vaynerchuk featured us on his podcast and released some co-produced content about the work we’ve been doing…
Thankful For Growth
Nov 27, 2018
Since we’re all thinking about gratitude, I also wanted to bring up a topic that I feel is related. This is related to last week’s episode where I talked about the importance of having tough conversations. Everyone here knows that growth takes hard work…
Navigating Urgency and Importance
Nov 20, 2018
Turning 40 on the Dealers Compressed Podcast has me a little introspective this week as I discuss managing the speed of life in a way that isn’t so…well, URGENT! I visit the thinking of a couple of leaders/authors I respect greatly. One old, one new.…
An Open Letter to Mark Wahlberg
Nov 13, 2018
Dear Mark, Every week we push our community of auto dealers to be better. You do the same to inspire your community. With the launch of Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, we’d love to introduce you to our audience. I think you’ll find yourself in good company.…
vAuto’s Big Secret is About to Be Revealed
Nov 6, 2018
We have Dale Pollak as a guest talking about a big secret which is about to change the auto industry…again. There have been whispers in the industry regarding what is going on and my hope is that this interview brings some much needed CLARITY and…
Messaging Clear as Mud | DrivingSales Executive Summit 2018 (Guest: Unbounce CEO, Oli Gardner)
Oct 30, 2018
Clarity is something I’m obsessive about. Not because it benefits me, but because it benefits everyone; Your customers, your team, and yourself. When any type of communication isn’t clear, things begin to go wrong. Assumptions and misinterpretations often…
Meet My Mentor: The COO of the Agency Gary Vaynerchuk Built (Guest: James Orsini)
Oct 23, 2018
If I had to describe this influential COO in one word, it would be balanced. No… maybe it would be intelligent Or maybe poised. Open-handed might be a good one. Anyway… you get it! I had the privilege of interviewing one of the businessmen I look up to…
Go. Do.
Oct 16, 2018
There are two words that have always reaped more return for me than any other. Go. Do. For those of us who are immersed in a fast-paced, competitive world, they are essential. Because life and business are competitive. If we aren’t progressing, growing…
Proving Every “Boss’s Kid” Stigma Wrong (Guest: Gregg Ciocca Jr.)
Oct 9, 2018
Speechless. That was my response when I was asked by a co-worker about my trip to the Ciocca Auto Group based in Allentown, PA. Now I’ve had the privilege of being in and out of hundreds of dealerships throughout my career in automotive. I’ve seen all…
Commit to the Process
Oct 2, 2018
We made it one-third of the way on our journey to episode 100. We’re on the path. We’re IN process. It should be no surprise to anyone in the automotive industry that things are changing…again. As a matter of fact, if you don’t understand and embrace the…
You Reap What You Sow
Sep 25, 2018
You reap what you sow. I love this phrase so much. It has the word “you” on both sides of the equation. There is no room for the blame game. No room for excuses. Nowhere to run. Only accountability. You know that I like to talk about things that are…
Remembering Business During 2008’s Recession
Sep 18, 2018
Now that there is a decade between us, I thought it would be a good time to do a throwback to a time when we set off on an incredibly turbulent season in the Car Business and the Economy in general. We hit some of the highlights (or more appropriately,…
The Ebbs and Flows of Seasons in Business
Sep 11, 2018
Sometimes you just need a moment to catch up. That’s just what we did on Episode 30 as I went all in on the reality of seasons in life. Everything in business and life submit to the basic principles of the “ups and downs”, the “ebb and flow”, the “wins…
Inventory Acquisition Through Military Grade Auction Equipment (Guest: Jonathan Hakes)
Sep 4, 2018
Change is healthy, but not easy. Sometimes it’s terrifying. So I take a moment to talk about why most of us are change adverse and do my best to bring some CLARITY to the feelings which often linger below the surface. There is no way to grow without…
Setting Up Your Team for Success (Guest: Brandin Wilkinson)
Aug 28, 2018
Its a special day on the DC Pod today as we welcome a very special guest, Brandin Wilkinson. Brandin is a young, innovative dealer who convinces customers to drive lots of miles just to do business with his Dodge store. Heres a hint…it has to do with…
Aug 21, 2018
Come together. Without a doubt, humans crave community. Its the counterpoint of relationship, safety, provision and progress. It is where we find meaning. The brilliant thinker, Seth Godin simply encourages us to “Find the others.” Well, that has always…
The Holy Grail of Communication
Aug 14, 2018
As business becomes more relational and engaging, communication plays a heavier factor in how we interact with our customers. Empathy is the key to hacking these interactions.
A New Perspective from THE Industry Innovator (Guest: Dale Pollak)
Aug 7, 2018
Last week we talked about process. This interview is the result of a long one. We’re (especially Paul) excited to release this exclusive interview with Dale Pollak, automotive visionary, Founder of vAuto, EVP at Cox Automotive and all around caring man.…
Anything Worthwhile Will Be a Process
Jul 31, 2018
The truth is, every worthwhile event in life never happens in an instant. It is the result of process. This is true in business, parenting, personal development, etc.
Learn From #Losers; Don’t Follow Them Into the Flames
Jul 24, 2018
Blockbuster? Out of business. Toys R Us? Out of business. Local television? Getting crushed by Netflix and Hulu. So do we really want their advice on advertising?
Do You Even Care About Your Bad Repuation?
Jul 17, 2018
Your reputation is facing the same transparency that the retail industry faces. Anyone can go online and tell complete strangers what they think about you or your business. Brand management is more important than ever.
Why Better Digital Retail is the ONLY Way Forward?
Jul 10, 2018
It’s hot. Customers don’t want to walk a lot for their new car. They want to research it online like everything else they bought this week.
Practicing Gratitude of the 4th of July
Jul 3, 2018
Keeping gratitude in the top of your mind is often a challenge, but we’re not waiting until Thanksgiving to reflect.
IGTV: Same Old Thing, More New Stuff
Jun 26, 2018
On the back of Father’s Day, we discuss the legacies of dealerships as family businesses and their positioning for growth as acquisitions are on the rise.
Family Business and Auto Dealers
Jun 19, 2018
On the back of Father’s Day, we discuss the legacies of dealerships as family businesses and their positioning for growth as acquisitions are on the rise.
The Problem with Wine and Marketing
Jun 12, 2018
Paul recaps his experience at the 2018 DMSC conference in NAPA held by PCG Consulting.
Coffee Is For Closers: The Problem with Stereotypical Sales
Jun 5, 2018
There’s a stigma with salespeople across all industries, but if you can fix the problem internally, your employees can fix it externally.
The Cost of ReInvention (Guest: Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder/CEO of VaynerMedia)
May 29, 2018
Gary Vaynerchuk built a business around paying attention to the world around him and then “hacking” that attention. He challenges listeners to do the same.
Why Customers Don’t Like Dealers (Guest: Drive Motors SVP of Customer Experience, Matt Weinberg)
May 22, 2018
Drive Motors is doing something special in the way they take notes from huge players in progressive industries to align dealership operations with customer experience. We took some time with their SVP of Customer Experience, Matt Weinberg, to get some…
What’s YOUR Brand?
May 15, 2018
In a business built on trust and relationships, your brand is not the manufacturer you represent, but your perception in your community. It’s time to pivot our brands.
Leaving A Legacy (An interview with vAuto founder, Dale Pollak)
May 8, 2018
This interview took place before Dale Pollak’s ‘Like I See It’ was even released and the thoughts presented hold true today. Insights like this show just how valuable forward-thinking is in the automotive industry.
A Kodak Moment for the Automotive Industry | Dealers Compressed Episode ELEVEN
May 1, 2018
As progress pushes forward, dealers need to find their blue ocean to thrive.
Operational Efficiency Imperative For Dealers | Dealers Compressed Episode TEN
Apr 24, 2018
As larger corporations start to acquire smaller dealerships, it’s important to stay educated on the inefficiencies that force the mentality of “join or die”.
Uncontrollable Factors Affecting Dealerships | Dealers Compressed Episode NINE
Apr 17, 2018
You deal with them daily, but there’s little you can do besides educate yourself. To match increasing transparency in service, keeping yourself educated is key to serving your customers best. Note: At first mention, we refer to the CFPB as the CPFB. To…
Investment Minded Inventory Management | Dealers Compressed Episode EIGHT
Apr 10, 2018
Dealerships might feel like culture changes and branding are bigger tasks than they feel comfortable changing, but this week, we cover something you can implement right away.
The Future of Car Sales | Dealers Compressed Episode SEVEN
Apr 3, 2018
Customers used to spend hours driving from lot to lot until they found THE car. Now, they spend hours online and visit less than 2 dealerships when they are shopping for a new car. Have you adapted to the change?
The Greatest Inefficiency of the Car Business Today | Dealers Compressed Episode SIX
Mar 27, 2018
Do you know what you biggest investment is? People. Automotive turnover rates are atrocious and that makes fighting for better company culture WAY more difficult that it needs to be. Special guest Adam Robinson, founder and CEO of Hireology, sits with…
Taxing Problems In Used Car Sales | Dealers Compressed Episode FIVE
Mar 20, 2018
We all hate taxes, but have we added extra taxes to our used vehicles? Have we even noticed how they affect our business?
Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze? | Dealers Compressed Episode FOUR
Mar 13, 2018
Over time, there are things that no longer make sense to do on your own. There’s a major factor that dealers often overlook when analyzing internal costs: Time.
Customers EXPECT a Hassle?! | Dealers Compressed Episode THREE
Mar 6, 2018
When 99% of customers expect a hassle, when will we admit that something in the industry NEEDS to change?
Fighting Margin Compression | Dealers Compressed Episode TWO
Feb 27, 2018
Picking up right where we left off, Paul dives into the 4 major threats dealers face today. What is your biggest struggle? Where do you think you need guidance?
Margin Compression in the Automotive Industry | Dealers Compressed Episode ONE
Feb 20, 2018
In the first episode of the Dealers Compressed podcast, we identify 4 direct threats to the current automotive dealership model. Are you ready to address these? Are you a proactive or reactive dealer? This episode will help you find out.
Why We Made Compressed | Dealers Compressed Episode ZERO
Feb 20, 2018
‘Dealers Compressed’ was born out of a desire to make car dealers aware of the challenges that are impacting the automotive industry. Image Auto founder, Paul J Daly, decided that we needed to take responsibility for making the industry better.