A daily burst of reality in a sea of spa fluff! Join me on my mission to #fighthefluff in & around the spa biz. Insights, advice, lessons learned, mistakes made, opportunities spotted & actions to take for anyone in the world of spa and wellness. #insidethespabusiness #hotelspa #wellness #spa
Ep. 356 - More
Nov 21 • 2 min
You need more proof of concept. You also need more proof it doesn’t work. You need to produce more content. More, more often than not, is the answer in today’s noisy world. #proofofconcept #contentstrategy #proof #work #effort #more
Ep. 355 - Brands Vs Logos
Nov 20 • 3 min
If your brand entered another vertical, another industry, how would that look? If you’re not really sure &/or if your customers can’t imagine it, maybe you just have a logo, not a brand. #branding #marketing #businessdevelopment #businessstrategy…
Ep. 354 - Mirror Fitness App
Nov 19 • 2 min
There’s a cool new fitness app called Mirror - and its a Mirror! With an LCD screen, & speakers built in, you can live stream fitness classes and join in. You can even do private tuition coz there’s a camera built in too. #fitness…
Ep. 353 - The Spa Line
Nov 18 • 1 min
Kudos to the UK Spa Association. They’ve just launched a help line for its members. Ask any question you like - marketing, HR, products, anything. Within 48 hrs they’ll get back to you with some answers. #SpaAssociation…
Ep. 178 - The Security of Voice
Nov 18 • 1 min
GDPR has brought data privacy to the forefront. Need that Alexa, Amazon’s voice platform, recently mistakenly recorded a conversation in a household and sent it to another, is a timely warning on the Privacy of Voice.
Ep. 352 - Wrong is Wrong. The End!
Nov 17 • 2 min
Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still the wrong thing. Doesn’t matter how polite you are about it either. #integrity #humanbehavior #humannature #intent #thoughtfulness
Ep. 351 - The Chef by James Patterson
Nov 16 • 3 min
Wanna see a great example of story telling on social media? Search ‘The Chef by James Patterson’ on Facebook. Follow the instructions & enjoy an interactive crime novel in the shape of a Facebook Messenger bot. Very cool! 😎 #socialmedia #storytelling…
Ep.350 - Skills are Commodities: Relationships are the Key 🔑
Nov 15 • 2 min
We’ve already democratised and commoditised knowledge. Skills will be next. So relationships will become even more critical. #skills #futuretrends #relationships #businessrelationshipmanagement #peopleskills
Ep. 349 - Digital Store Directories - Dumb
Nov 14 • 2 min
Always consider customer improvements based on the totality, not the individual. If not, you might end up like this… #retail #customerexperience #innovation #marketing #guestexperience
Ep. 348 - Great Water Bottle Conspiracy
Nov 13 • 2 min
Yes, your bottle is swarming with 300,000 germs 🦠 - but they’re your germs, so no problem. And yes, the plastic’s chemicals leach into the water 💧 - but at insanely low levels, well below the safe mark. #waterbottles #safewater #safety #wellness…
Ep. 347 - Wellness Tipping Point
Nov 12 • 2 min
Maybe when the big tech companies start talking about Wellness instead of Health, we’ll finally reach the Wellness Tipping Point. #wellness #tippingpoint #language #tech #cultureshift
Ep. 346 - Magic in Contradictions
Nov 11 • 2 min
Being able to simultaneously hold contradictory opinions and play them based on the situation is a real strength. For in the contradictions lies the magic! #success #contradiction #opposingviews #decisionanalysis #managementstyle
Ep. 345 - Just Put it Down!
Nov 10 • 2 min
A new study has shows that limiting time on social media to 30 minutes per day significantly reduces loneliness, depression, etc. Full study here… #socialmedia #depression #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #loneliness
Ep. 344 - Forget Followers, Work the Ads
Nov 9 • 2 min
Time to stop being romantic about organic reach. Ad products are so good on social media, focus there. Get better at that. #socialmedia #advertising #organicreach #listbuilding #followers
Ep. 343 - ‘Poach-Proof’ Your Staff
Nov 8 • 2 min
If you have ever had someone poach a member of your team, you MUST watch this! #humanresources #staffing #employeerecognition #teambuilding #recruitment
Ep. 342 - Apple’s Commodity Pivot : Lessons for the Spa Industry
Nov 7 • 2 min
Apple has said they’ll stop reporting on unit sales. They want to shift the focus to their services biz rather than the product biz. Why? Maybe coz their product is becoming commoditised. Just as spas are. #pivot #businessstrategy #innovation #spaindustry…
Ep. 341 - Mindfulness: The Branding Opportunity
Nov 6 • 2 min
Mindfulness is all about the here and now. Being present. So if you’re genuine, that actually represents a big branding opportunity. #branding #wellness #mindfulness #opportunity #marketing
Ep. 340 - Assisted Isolated Stretching
Nov 5 • 2 min
This looks to be a developing trend. Paying for someone to stretch you. Personally, I’m a fan! Sign me up! Just makes perfect sense. PS: Thanks to Kath Hudson at Spa Business Magazine! #wellness #health #fitness #spa #stretching #trending
Ep. 339 - Causes not Symptoms
Nov 4 • 2 min
These simple conversation starter cards on a restaurant table are a great example of going to the root cause of a problem, not just targeting the symptoms. #marketing #customercare #causes #symptoms #businessowners #opportunity
Ep. 338 - BREAKING NEWS: One Spa World to go Public
Nov 3 • 2 min
One Spa World, the company within Steiner Leisure that manages spas on cruise ships and hotels & resorts, is set to join the NASDAQ. #businessintelligence #spa #wellness #onespaworld #publiccompany
Ep. 337 - Trent365! - Less for More
Nov 2 • 2 min
Paying More for Less of course doesn’t make sense. But sometimes that’s the dynamic we’re actually creating. #pricing #businessstrategy #value #wants #needs #benefits
Ep.336 - Be Real…then Sell the Upside
Nov 1 • 2 min
Fake it Till You Make it is a dangerous strategy. You are probably missing out on very real opportunities because they believe your BS and think you’re too good for them. #recruitment #personalbranding #fakeittillyoumakeit #jobsearch #careeropportunities
Ep.335 - Ooops!
Oct 31 • 2 min
I screwed up! I messed up the numbering sequence for this show. Double-episoded back in June. So let’s correct it here. The lesson? Perfection is Overrated! ;-) #mistakes #ownership #transparency #faceup #correction #imperfection
Ep. 334 - Global Spa Association
Oct 31 • 2 min
It doesn’t exist. But it could. How about it? We get all the Spa Associations to pool their resources and come up with a set of global best practices. #spa #industry #association #bestpractices #standards
Ep. 333 - Own Your Shit!
Oct 30 • 3 min
Especially when it comes to deep cultural change, the first step is owning the current state of play. You made it. You Own it. It’s your mess to fix. Make a statement. Say it loud! #transformations #corporateculture #management #ownership #accountability
Ep. 332 - Power is Where Power Goes
Oct 29 • 1 min
If you have it, it goes where you go. Of course, it’s yours to lose too. And maybe the same is true of leadership? #leadership #power #presence #control #management
Ep. 331 - Passion
Oct 28 • 2 min
Ep. 331 - Trent365! - Passion Passion is the key to success. Everybody says it. We all know it. But finding your passion isn’t always easy. Don’t despair. #passion #motivation…
Ep. 330 - Snapchat: The Content Platform?
Oct 27 • 1 min
Two recent hires in the C-Suite night gives us some clues about where Snapchat thinks their future lies. #business #contentstrategy #socialnetwork #pivot #businessstrategy
Ep. 329 - Don’t Listen…Watch!
Oct 26 • 1 min
Sure, words are powerful & listening more than talking can be insightful. But… Actions tell all! #lessons #learnability #learningstyles #listen #watch #observation
Ep. 328 - Whose Club?
Oct 25 • 1 min
“I DON’T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER.” (Groucho Marx) NB: Not the silliest thing I ever heard! ;-) #membership #businessdevelopment #customeracquisition #clientacquisition #business #club
Ep. 327 - Change Your Competitors
Oct 24 • 2 min
If you’re not winning, maybe instead of changing your business you should think about changing your competitors. #business #marketshare #competitivedifferentiation #competition #marketing
Ep. 326 - Are You Rocket Fuel?
Oct 23 • 2 min
To which organisation could you become Rocket Fuel? That’s the company you should be working with. If you can effectively become their secret sauce, your upside is unlimited. #career #opportunity #personaldevelopment #personalbranding #careeropportunities
Ep. 325 - Behind the Numbers
Oct 22 • 2 min
The Global Spa Economy has grown by almost 10% in the past 2 years - or has it? It’s important to know the data behind the numbers. #spa #wellness #business #economicdataanalysis #researchreport
Episode 324 - Hotel Luggage Opportunity
Oct 21 • 1 min
If guests have issues with their luggage when staying in hotels - and they do - could this represent a unique branding opportunity for hotels? I think so! #branding #hotels #travel #luggage #opportunity
Ep. 323 - Walk a Mile in my Shoes
Oct 20 • 3 min
A fundamental lesson in marketing - understand the customer experience. A message to hoteliers - luggage is a critical part of your guest’s experience. You’re not helping as much as you could. #marketing #hotels #travel #guestexperience #guestjourney…
Ep. 322 - Building a Business around a Personal Brand
Oct 19 • 3 min
If you’re building a business around your personal brand, make sure you’re clear on your End Game. If not, you might find exiting the business nigh on impossible. #business #personalbranding #branding #businessstrategy #exitstrategies
Ep. 321 - Sensory Branding : Lessons from Beer
Oct 18 • 2 min
A visit to the BeerWall in Bruges provided a shining example of sensory Branding in action. No. Seriously! I mean it! Check it out… #branding #sensorybranding #senses #marketing #beer #lessons
Ep. 320 - Live Chat : Your Marketing Edge
Oct 17 • 2 min
Chatbots have been getting lots of attention recently. They’re not a bad option. But…Live Chat is even better. It’s the ultimate marketing edge - chatting with your customers! #marketing #customerservice #customerengagement #customersatisfaction #service…
Ep. 319 - Cigarettes, Alcohol & Smartphones = Social Crutch
Oct 16 • 2 min
Sure, some are addicted to cigarettes & alcohol. But for many, it’s more about the social crutch. The smartphone is the new social crutch. So will that mean less cigs & booze? #humanbehavior #pyschology #addiction #smartphones #socialcrutch
Ep. 318 - Leveraging Weight in your USP
Oct 15 • 2 min
Luggage Weight is a big issue for many travellers. So why don’t hotels provide an airline-calibrated weighing scale for guests to check their luggage before they leave? Especially at the 3 star & 4 star end of the market, that could be a USP. #usp…
Ep. 317 - One Word!
Oct 14 • 2 min
If you’re lucky enough to have one word that clearly defines your brand, please PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE stay true to that! #branding #core #essence #identity #usp
Ep. 316 - The Imperfections are your USP
Oct 13 • 2 min
We often spend all our energy fixing the imperfections. Maybe it’s time to realise they could actually be our USP? #usp #pointofdifference #uniqueness #uniquesellingproposition #branding
Ep. 315 - Pizza Perspectives
Oct 12 • 2 min
Who’d have thought sitting down for a simple pizza 🍕 in Venice would’ve taught me lesson in marketing and business - but it did. #marketing #business #conditioning #habit #branding
Ep. 314 - Collective Responsibility Vs Indiv. Accountability
Oct 11 • 1 min
It’s easy to hide from your obligations in a group. But, it’s also possible that the responsibility you have to other group members can encourage greater responsibility. #teamspirit #teamdynamics #management #humanresources #accountability #responsibility
Ep. 313 - Meeting Size a la Bezos
Oct 10 • 1 min
When it comes to how many people you should have in a meeting, less is more. So says Jeff Bezos…with an interesting perspective. :-) #business #management #humanresources #timemanagement #meetings
Ep. 312 - Wellness = Live, Work, Travel
Oct 9 • 2 min
The Global Wellness Economy Monitor identified that the big business opportunities and the exponential growth opportunities will lie at the intersections of these three phases of our lives. #wellness #business #opportunity…
Ep. 311 - New Old World of Wellness
Oct 8 • 1 min
This trendy new word called ‘Wellness’ has actually been used in academic journals, in this context, since at least 1958. Just sayin’…! #wellness #terminology #branding #identity #academia
Ep. 310 - Genetics Vs Epigenetics
Oct 7 • 1 min
Genes predict probabilities, not certainties. How your genes are expressed really determines who you become - and you can influence your gene expression. #genetics #epigenetics #health #wellness #lifestyle
Ep. 309 - $4.2 trillion Global Wellness Economy
Oct 6 • 1 min
The latest Global Wellness Economy Monitor is out! This is getting pretty serious! #wellness #spa #economy #business #industry #research
Ep. 308 - Probability 101 : Likelihood x Consequence
Oct 5 • 2 min
I think this is a great way to approach any problem. Multiply the Likelihood of it happening by the Consequences if it does. Then you know how seriously you should take it. #problemsolving #probability #consequences #management #reality
Ep. 307 - Leverage the Sentiment of the Season
Oct 4 • 2 min
‘Become a Stylist for Christmas!’ What a great idea for a job ad. Many people are thinking about their life, career, etc., around this time of year. So why not leverage the Sentiment of the Season if you’re recruiting. #recruiting #humanresources…
Ep. 306 - Digiceuticals
Oct 3 • 2 min
200 investments in the space in the first half of 2018. $3.4 billion. The generation of digital medicines that rely on software for curing or managing a disease is apparently a very real thing! #innovation #software #wellness #medicine #digitization…
Ep. 305 - The Glue Guy
Oct 2 • 2 min
Every company has that one guy or gal who is the glue that keeps everything else together. Their value is not always apparent…until they’re gone. Then it’s too late. Who is your Glue Guy or Glue Gal? Are you taking care of them? #humanresourcedevelopment…
Ep. 304 - Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
Oct 1 • 2 min
This new fitness concept sees clients wearing special clothing embedded with sensors, wires and pads. As you 🏋️‍♂️ Work out, electric currents are sent to specific spots in your clothing to greater stimulate the muscles you are working. Thanks Mark A.…
Ep. 303 - Win or Lose : It’s the Sum of The Moments
Sep 30 • 2 min
There is never just one play that list you the game. Not is there just one moment that turned the tide to allow you to win. In sport, as it is in business and in life…It’s the Sum of the Moments #business #winning #sports #attitude #moments #life
Ep. 302 - Just Work!
Sep 29 • 3 min
How important is a university degree or diploma these days? In my opinion, not as important as work expert - never! #work #education #qualifications #university #experience
Ep. 301 - Weight Watchers Re-Branding
Sep 28 • 4 min
Regardless of the success or failure of the WW re-brand, my question is… do all brands in Wellness-adjacent fields necessarily need to become ‘Wellness’ brands? Maybe owning their existing niche within a wellness-type market is the smarter play.…
Ep. 300 - Hit Them With Your Best Shot!
Sep 27 • 2 min
Don’t worry about keeping your powder dry 💥! There’s no point saving the best till last. Your customers may never get that far. Hit them with your best stuff right out the gate! #customerexperience #customerengagement #surpriseanddelight #branding…
Ep. 299 - Footfall = Retail…Always
Sep 26 • 2 min
BP CEO, Bob Dudley says Retail is one of their 3 core businesses moving forward. Is that how YOU think about your business? If not, maybe you should. #business #retail #revenuestreams #footfall #sales #revenue #businessmodel
Ep. 298 - Orangetheory Fitness
Sep 25 • 4 min
OTF is a pretty cool gym franchise that has a few clever little hooks. Have a listen to how they’ve created their own little niche in this crowded space. #fitness #branding #innovation #tribe #wellness #franchise
Ep. 297 - Content, Control, Culture & Core
Sep 24 • 2 min
Apple’s content strategy provides some really interesting lessons for all companies in all industries around being true to who you are. #technologytrends #contentstrategy #platform #ecosystem #apple
Ep. 296 - Leveraging Laziness
Sep 23 • 1 min
“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates. Hey, I’m not endorsing laziness BUT I do love Bill’s alternate perspective. #motivation #problemsolving #peoplemanagement…
Ep. 295 - Charging Station Spas
Sep 22 • 1 min
Until battery life gets a lot better, drivers of electric cars on long trips will need to stop for an hours or so to charge their car. Sounds like a great opportunity for spas. #innovation #electriccars #spa #futuretrends #technology #lifestyle #massage
Ep. 294 - Cannabis : The Green Revolution
Sep 21 • 2 min
Tilray (TLRY) has been a stock market darling since its IPO. It’s a Pot Stock - and I don’t mean ceramics ;-) . It may be a bit of a bubble right now, but The Cannabis industry is real and getting ‘realer’. Dismiss it at your peril. #cannabis…
Ep. 293 - Shaping the Future of Wellness & Wellbeing
Sep 20 • 1 min
I’ve been invited to join a special panel at the Global Wellness Summit in Italy in October to discuss the future of Wellness and Wellbeing in Hospitality & Travel. There’s a bunch of great people on the panel. Should be a great discussion. Who’s coming?…
Ep. 292 - BPme: Convenience or Danger?
Sep 19 • 1 min
BP has introduced an phone app that speaks to the pump and allows you to pay for your petrol. But is encouraging drivers to use their mobile phones at the petrol station really a good idea? #innovation #mobilepayments #app #technologytrends #safety
Ep. 291 - Amazon Alexa Hardware Plays
Sep 18 • 2 min
Amazon is introducing 8 new hardware devices for Alexa before the end of 2018 - including an in-car device and a microwave oven. #amazon #alexa #voice #platforms #future -#technology #innovation
Ep. 290 - Voice Platform
Sep 17 • 2 min
A great new voice platform. Publish your content on and it’ll automatically appear on Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Invite Only right now…but you can always ask for an invite ;-) #voiceplatform #voice #platforms #futuretrends #digitalmarketing
Ep. 289 - Do What You Love or Love What You Do
Sep 16 • 1 min
The message these days seems to be all about finding your passion and doing that. But if you don’t know what it is or can’t do that, at least Love What You Do. #motivation #passion #focus #workethic #mindfulness #selfawareness
Ep. 288 - ‘Cook Your Own’ Hotel
Sep 15 • 1 min
Sleep, Shower and Food - the 3 core pillars of a hotel stay. Air BnB gives you a kitchen. You can cook your food your way. What if hotels did the same? #hotels #cooking #businessmodel #airBNB #accommodation #lodging
Ep. 287 - Walk My Path
Sep 14 • 2 min
Just as you should eat your own dog food, so too should you walk my path. You need to understand how people navigate your business. #signage #wayfinding #business #navigation #customerexperience
Ep. 286 - Advertising : Art or Science?
Sep 13 • 1 min
The Art was arguably the most important part in the early days of advertising. But as we push for more and more analytics, is the Science taking over? #analytics #art #science #advertising #creative #marketing #branding
Ep. 285 - Personalised Probiotics
Sep 12 • 1 min
A new study has suggested that unless probiotics are personalised they may well be no good at all. Worse still, generic solutions may have negative side effects. #medical #bacteria #probiotics #science #health #wellness
Ep.284 - Is there a Market in your Gap
Sep 11 • 1 min
Just because you’ve identified a gap in the market, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a market in your gap. #marketing #gapanalysis #gap #innovation #demand #market #opportunity
Ep.283-Attribute Based Selling
Sep 10 • 2 min
AB Selling is the idea that you sell your hotel rooms based in very specific attributes that are often unique to many rooms. Would it work in your business? #pricingstrategy #pricingoptimization #business #marketing #creativity #attributes…
Ep. 282-Solutionism
Sep 9 • 2 min
Solutionism is the idea that technology is the answer to every problem. Of course, it’s not. In some ways each industry has its own version of Solutionism too, based on its own biases. #problemsolving #solutionism #creativeproblemsolving #innovation #bias
Ep.281-People Waiting? Pop Up!
Sep 8 • 1 min
Anywhere you have people forced to wait around for something, you have an opportunity to introduce your Pop Up Spa concept. #innovation #popup #spa #branding #businessdevelopment #marketing #creative
Ep.280-Return on Wellness
Sep 7 • 3 min
As we continue the push towards Wellness, more and more owners and investors are getting worried about the extra cost of delivering it to our guests. We need to start measuring the Return on Wellness. Here’s a few thoughts…
Ep. 279-Touch Me - Touch Points
Sep 6 • 2 min
In a hotel journey there are so many touch points where we have the opportunity to help guests with their personal health and wellness requirements. What are you doing to help? #hotelmanagement #hotelspa #wellness #spa #health Derek Barton Zoe Wall Lynsey…
Ep. 278-Burning Building Philosophy
Sep 5 • 2 min
If your office was on fire 🔥 and you’re on the outside, how many people would you go back in to get? If it’s not most of them, you’ve got some work to do! #management #teambuilding #peoplemanagement #teamdynamics #leadership #personnel #development
Ep.277 - Trent365! - 5 Star : Man Vs Machine
Sep 4 • 2 min
Never forget, that 5 star service is all about delivering the service that your guests / customers need. It doesn’t always have to mean a human touch. Sometimes, a machine can do it better. #robots #customerservice #technology #future #machines #5star…
Ep.276-Airline Seat Number Mystery
Sep 3 • 2 min
Ever wondered why the 5th row of seats on the airplane is number 31? Or why the exit rows start at number 20, regardless of how many rows are in front of them? #travel #airlines #operations #seatnumber #mystery #inflight #why #howcome
Ep.275-Burning Bridge Philosophy
Sep 2 • 2 min
If you want to enable change, you need to first convince others of the futility of the current path. Once they see the bridge is burning, they will be desperate to get off the current path - even if the new path isn’t guaranteed. #retail #changemanagement…
Ep.274-Qantas Re-imagines Long Haul Flights
Sep 1 • 2 min
Qantas are hoping to launch 20 hour non-stop flights in a few years. So they’re asking themselves how should these flight have different offerings to make them bearable. #innovation #transportation #airlines #futurism #qantas #travel
Ep.273-A Little Validation Can Kill
Aug 31 • 2 min
Be careful, when looking for validation of your business/product/service/strategy that you don’t get fooled but getting just a little. #businessintelligence #validation #proofofconcept #marketingstrategy #businessdevelopment #business #innovation
Ep.272-Impractical Exclusivity
Aug 30 • 2 min
We all like to feel special. So we like to get exclusivity where we can. But exclusivity deals must work for both sides. Give some thought to how you can find a middle ground on exclusivity. #branding #spa #exclusivity #uniqueness #usp…
Ep.271-The Clarity of Talk
Aug 29 • 1 min
As Voice platforms continue to evolve, it will become a dominant interface in our lives. But in the current world of text & emojis, have we lost our ability to talk - at least in a clear and concise way? #voice #communication #platforms #mobile…
Ep.270-Ipsy Pop-Up Opportunity
Aug 28 • 2 min
Beauty box subscription service Ipsy is bigger than better know Birchbox and is now offering full size products, not sample sizes. I see another Pop-Up Opportunity. #innovation #retail #branding #popups #subscription #businesspartnership #collaboration
Ep.269-Digital Drivers License
Aug 27 • 1 min
Australia is set to kick off a trail of a Digital Drivers License in November in the state of New South Wales. The phone is fast becoming the wallet. Though I can see some fun and games developing with this one. #innovation #digitalwallet #digitization…
Ep.268-Your Gateway Goals
Aug 26 • 2 min
When it comes to your Gateway Product/Service you need to make it the best it can be. Too often, we don’t focus enough in this ‘free intro offer’. #branding #marketing #service #customerexperience #customerengagement #guestexperience
Ep.267-Beer & Mindfulness - Who Knew?
Aug 25 • 2 min
That famous Belgian Beer Brand Stella Artois has launched a mindfulness app. Help you be present in the moment as you sip your amber goodness. Why not? #branding #retail #wellness #mindfulness #customerexperience #beer #stellaartois #meditation #drinking…
Ep.266-Security Vs Advancement
Aug 24 • 2 min
Australia has reportedly banned two big Chinese companies from participating in 5G infrastructure projects in the country. Will this focus on security hurt Australia’s pace of advancement? #innovation #technology #5G #internetofthings #advancement…
Ep.265-Wellness Pragmatism
Aug 23 • 3 min
The Wellness Pragmatist sits right in the mushy middle, between the Old School and the New. And that might just be the sweet spot. #wellness #businessconcept #innovation #oldschool #marketingstrategy #middlemarket #pragmatics
Ep.264-Legacy Matters
Aug 22 • 2 min
You may not realise it right now, but what you’re doing today is making a difference to someone - either positively or negatively. What will your legacy be? #management #peoplemanagement #peopledevelopment #attitude #positivity #impact #humanresources
Ep.263-Jeff Says…Meditate!
Aug 21 • 2 min
Amazon is taking a crack at the online meditation space, via a partnership with Audible and Aaptiv. #meditation #partnerships #online #mentalwellness #apps #audible #amazon #aaptiv
Ep.262-Sharing is Cheating
Aug 20 • 3 min
A study has revealed Millennials are sharers - of passwords for Netflix, Hulu, etc. and it’s costing these companies a lot! So what’s the answer? #millennials #online #streamingmedia #sharing #technology #passwordmanagement
Ep.261 - Trent365! - Herding Cats & Moving Food
Aug 19 • 2 min
You may not be able to herd cats, but you can always move their food. An interesting perspective on managing your workforce. #management #humanresources #leadership #development #teammanagement #teamdynamics
Ep.260-Canyon Ranch In-Flight
Aug 18 • 2 min
Singapore Airlines has partnered with Canyon Ranch to provide a more well experience to their passengers. In-flight Wellness has taken flight, literally. #airlines #wellness #inflight #singaporeairlines #canyonranch #futuretrends #travel #passenger
Ep.259-A Vertical World
Aug 17 • 2 min
So much of our view these days is vertical - mainly due the mobile devices that rule our world. It’s time you started thinking about how your brand performs vertically. #branding #marketing #perspective #mobiledevices #touchpoints #branddesign
Ep.258-Sleeping Games
Aug 16 • 3 min
There’s lots of Apps out there to help you sleep. But what about an App Game that is designed to help put you to sleep? #gaming #gamedesign #sleep #innovation #appeconomy
Ep.257-New Spa Award Categories
Aug 15 • 3 min
It’s time for some new Spa Award Categories that anyone can win - not just the big guys & gals. #award #spa #hotelspa #spaindustry #ideas #innovation #recognitionawards
Ep.256-The Permanent Pop Up
Aug 14 • 2 min
Here’s a crazy idea that might just work for hotel spas… A Permanent Pop Up that rotates a different skincare brand through each month. #popup #businessideas #businessinnovation #hotelspa #tomorrowspa
Ep.255-The Data of Incumbents
Aug 13 • 2 min
The real value of being the incumbent is not that the market knows you, but that you know the market. #marketing #incumbent #customerdata #data #brand
Ep.254-Your Story is Interesting
Aug 12 • 2 min
It may not seem like it to you, but to someone else, your story is probably an interesting one. Don’t be afraid to tell it. #personalbranding #storytelling #transparency #yourstory #marketing #branding
Ep.253-Competition or Collaboration
Aug 11 • 2 min
What’s your default strategy? To compete or to collaborate? #collaboration #competition #businessstrategy #valueproposition #growth #MandA
Ep.252 - Trent365! - Treatment Variety & Product Houses
Aug 10 • 2 min
I’ve said in the past there has been a lack of innovation in the Spa industry. One theory raised recently at our London Meet Up was that the reliance of Product Houses is part of the reason for this. #spa #skincareproducts #producthouse #innovation…
Ep.251 - Trent365! - 5G or Bust!
Aug 9 • 2 min
China is reportedly outspending the US on 5G infrastructure. 5G I expected to deliver up to 1,000 tones faster internet speeds and will enable us to scale driverless technology, IoT, etc. If you want to win the future, 5G is going to be crucial.…
Ep.250-Hotel Spas and the Outside World
Aug 8 • 2 min
Maybe he whole purpose of hotel spas in the future is not to service the hotel guest, but to bring outside guests in. #futurism #hotelspa #tomorrowspa #spa2.0 #shiftingfocus
Ep.249-The Wrong Bus
Aug 7 • 2 min
If you’re on the wrong bus - get off. If you’re on the wrong path, turn around and go back the other way. Getting in isn’t the problem - it’s staying on when you already know it’s the wrong way. #decisionmaking #commitment #changedetection #adaptation…
Ep.248-Brand Your Thoughtfulness
Aug 6 • 2 min
Look at all those little things you do in your business. The little touches. If you’re being thoughtful, why not put your brand on that. #branding #customerservice #details #servicefirst #thoughtfulness
Ep.247-Look at Me
Aug 5 • 2 min
We complain that technology drives a wedge between human interaction. What happens when it MAKES us connect? #futuretrends #tomorrow #technology #AR #humaninteraction
Ep.246-Worst Case Scenario
Aug 4 • 2 min
If you can imagine the absolute worst possible outcome and realise you’ll still be ok, that can be extremely liberating! #scenario #contingency #contingencyplanning #outcomemanagement #bestcase #upside #optimism
Ep.245-You (can’t) Suck!
Aug 3 • 2 min
They’ll forget your misses but they’ll remember your hits, if you have them. Do you have nothing to lose. Start! Try! #try #innovate #mistakes #failure #success #motivation #selfbelief
Ep.244-Sonos: The Original Smart Speaker
Aug 2 • 2 min
Remember this one? Haven’t heard much about it lately as Amazon Alexa & Google Home have taken centre stage. Well, Sonos lists on NASDAQ today. Will it find a place of relevance in the new world of Voice? #alexa #goglehome #voice #future #nasdaq #IPO…
Ep.243-Spa: The Life Platform
Aug 1 • 2 min
The internet has become the platform on which we run our lives today. Could the Spa be the Life Platform of Tomorrow? #spa #living #platforms #wellness #futuretrends #tomorrowspa
Ep.242-Alexa for Hospitality
Jul 31 • 2 min
Alexa have just launched a division focussed on providing solutions for the hospitality sector. Reckon it won’t be long before Amazon rules that too! #alexa #hospitalityindustry #hotelmanagement #voice #futuretrends #amazon #hotels
Ep.241-Trust over Competence
Jul 30 • 1 min
If you had to make a choice between Trust and Competence when hiring, which would you choose? #trust #humanresources #hiring #management #peoplemanagement
Ep.240-Wellness Breakfast
Jul 29 • 2 min
There’s a big opportunity in the 4–Star hotel market to step into Wellness by simply offering a simple, healthy breakfast option. #wellness #breakfast #options #marketing #hotels
Ep.239-Know Thine Enemy
Jul 28 • 2 min
Even though we see our numbers declining, without an enemy to unite against, we lack the desire to take action. #competition #enemy #artofwar #business #customers
Ep.238-The Purity of Intentions
Jul 27 • 2 min
Most digital marketers say their goal is to determine your intent. If they can do that and then server ads in line with that intent…isn’t that a good thing? #digitalmarketing #advertising #intent #marketing #marketintelligence #marketingstrategy
Ep.237-Retail First : A Case Study
Jul 26 • 3 min
Sell a spa-related product with a healthy margin, include in it voucher for a free spa treatment, pay the spa full price for the service, keep enough to make your profit. Customer Wins, Spa Wins, You Win. It’s genius. It’s Retail First! #retail #spa…
Ep.41-Mentors Matter
Jul 26 • 3 min
Looking back on a select few folks that have been key influences on my life, I’ve realised Mentors Matter. At the time, I didn’t see these as watershed moments, or them as mentors - but they were.
Ep.40-I Spy with my little Eye
Jul 26 • 2 min
Never underestimate the power of having multiple individuals focussed on solving the same problem. I tried this little hack 25 years ago. It worked then. Still works today. Just like when we were kids
Ep.236-Even Just One
Jul 25 • 3 min
Don’t obsess about vanity metrics. If you can impact or influence or help Even Just One person…all the effort is worth it. #personalization #impact #influence #mentoring #motivation
Ep.235-In-Flight Meditation
Jul 24 • 2 min
Being stuck on a plane for a few hours is a perfect opportunity to learn something new. It’s an ideal business opportunity for companies selling meditation. #meditation #business #opportunity #innovation #wellness
Ep.234-Smash Your Brand
Jul 23 • 2 min
Take any element of your brand, smash it in to 1,000 pieces, pick up one piece…is it uniquely recognisable as your brand? If not, try harder. @martinlindstrom #howto #uniqueness #smashyourbrand #branding
Ep.233-LinkedIn QR Codes
Jul 22 • 2 min
LinkedIn now gives you your own unique QR code. Perfect for connecting instantly at conferences or events. #linkedin #conferences #qr #socialnetwork #networking #events
Ep.232-Two Sides to Every Gate
Jul 21 • 3 min
Put yourself in the shoes of your customers/clients/guests. Experience all elements of your product or service from their perspective, not just yours. #customerexperience #customerservice #guest #clientcentered #perspective
Ep.231-Tomorrow Spa Meet Up LONDON EDITION
Jul 20 • 2 min
It’s locked in! Thursday 26th July 6:30pm - 8:00pm Mandara Spa at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Bookings Essential! DM me! #spa #tomorrowspa #futurespa #meetup #hotelspa #wellness
Ep.230-Data-Informed NOT Data-Driven
Jul 19 • 2 min
By all means use the data. Let it inform your decision. But be careful not to get sucked in to relying only on the data, to the exclusion of other available information. #bigdata #dataanalysis #decisionmaking #research #businessmetrics…
Ep.229-Hotel Executive Spa Feature
Jul 18 • 2 min
Anyone with a interest in hotel spas should check out the July Focus of Hotel Executive. Some interesting people sharing valuable insights. Here’s a link - #spa #hotelspa #wellness #retail #brand #tomorrowspa #futurespa
Ep.228-WhyHotel Pop Ups
Jul 17 • 1 min
WhyHotel has raised a seed round of $3.9 million. The business? Pop Up hotels for 1-2 years in newly-built luxury appartments. Another Air BnB moment for the hotel industry? #business #hotelindustry #startups #disruption #businessmodels
Ep.227-Function over Form
Jul 16 • 4 min
Form, style, design and aesthetics all matter - but not as much as function. #design #functionality #form #style #features #aesthetics
Ep.226-Interruption Marketing
Jul 15 • 3 min
If Permission Marketing is the right way (and it is), then Interruption Marketing can’t be a good idea. But here it is. #marketing #permissionmarketing #interruptionmarketing #service
Ep.225-Community & Giving
Jul 14 • 2 min
A community takes care of it’s own. Give to that community and you’ll reap the rewards . #communityengagement #communitysupport #giving #value #brandbuilding
Ep.224-End to End Wellness Brand
Jul 13 • 2 min
Talk about an opportunity!! Who will be the first to create a truly End to End Wellness Brand? #wellness #branding #opportunity #innovation #market #entrepreneurship
Ep.223-De-Humanisation of Personalisation
Jul 12 • 2 min
Marriott & Alibaba have teamed up to trial facial recognition checkin in two hotels in China this month. They say it will increase personalisation. But will it also de-humanise the hotel experience? #hotelmanagement #customerexperience #technologytrends…
Ep.222-Meet Up Wrap Up - Maldives
Jul 11 • 4 min
A quick wrap up of what was discussed at our Maldives Meet Up yesterday in the Future of Hotel Spas.
Ep.221-You Manipulate What You Measure
Jul 10 • 2 min
Managing what you Measure is one thing. But keep in mind…it’s easy to fall into the trap of Manipulating what you Measure too. #management #data #statistics #measurement
Ep.220-Mental illness and the ER
Jul 9 • 3 min
In the Emergency Room it’s ‘Worst Case First’. So what does that mean for someone suffering from a mental illness? #emergency #illness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthcare #mentalwellness
Ep.219-Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom
Jul 8 • 2 min
If you’re looking for a great book on sensory branding, here it is… #branding #bookreviews #businessstrategy #sensorybranding #spa #wellness
Ep.218-How do you Sound?
Jul 7 • 2 min
If you don’t have any sounds that are unique to your brand - you should. Sound, not just music, but sound, can really have build brand recognition. #branding #sound #uniqueness #tomorrowspa #brandawareness #brandbuilding
Ep.217 - Maldives Meet Up
Jul 6 • 2 min
Tuesday 10th July 6pm-7:30pm Come join me for a chat with some like-minded people to discuss the State of the Nation of the Hotel Spa Business. I’ll be London in a couple of weeks. Then St.Petersburg & Moscow a few weeks later. Anyone interested in…
Ep.216-Spa Co-Op
Jul 5 • 1 min
Maybe your local competitors could help you save a lot of money? Ever thought about leveraging your collective purchasing power? #savings #spa #purchasingpower #coops #localization
Ep.215-Wellness Transition Market
Jul 4 • 2 min
Let’s not become obsessed with needing to provide a total wellness solution. There is a massive opportunity in the Transition Wellness Market.
Ep.214-Gift Certificates- No Brainer
Jul 3 • 4 min
Every spa business should be doing this. Especially if you’re in a hotel spa. #business #gifts #spa #spabusiness #revenueideas #sales #promotions #upselling
Ep.213-Pricing for Benefit
Jul 2 • 2 min
Don’t get sucked into the Features Frenzy! Think about what BENEFIT you’re providing when setting your pricing policies. #menupricing #pricingstrategy #benefits #features #pricing
Ep.212-Less is More…in the right context
Jul 1 • 3 min
I guess it makes sense that in a poster for the new Ant-Man 🐜 movie I found a great example of the importance of context for Less is More. #movieposters #movies #marketing #promotion #context
Ep.211-NEWS: Headspace Health Prescription Meditation
Jun 30 • 1 min
Top meditation app, Headspace, created a new company this month to deliver prescription meditation at scale by 2020.
Ep.210-How to find a good Spa Consultant
Jun 29 • 2 min
Having trouble finding a good Spa Consultant? Fear not. There’s a great resource over at the Global Wellness Institute’s Initiatives page.
Ep.209-World Cup Promo Opportunity
Jun 28 • 2 min
The World Cup is not just about football. It’s about promotion. And there’s no reason you can’t leverage this world event for your Spa business too. Yes, spa!
Ep.208 - Trent365! - Luxury is not a USP
Jun 27 • 2 min
Luxury is aspirational…until you get there. And so, Luxury is really only a USP to those who can’t afford it.
Ep. 207-The Stay Project by Ritz Carlton
Jun 26 • 3 min
A cool Initiative from the folks at Ritz Carlton that bring to life many of the concepts we’ve spoken about here on this show. Storytelling. Collaborations. Being a Media Company.
Ep.206-Spas & the Innovation Dilemma
Jun 25 • 2 min
Is youth the key to innovation in the spa business? If so, has it been out focus on the luxury consumer that has kept youth out?
Ep.205-Own The Upside
Jun 24 • 2 min
If you really believe in your product or service, instead of the one time fee, think about getting a piece of the ongoing upside.
Ep.204-Blame the Followers, Not the Leaders
Jun 23 • 1 min
In this modern Information Age there’s no excuse for blindly following the leaders.
Ep.203-Co-branding your Mattress
Jun 22 • 1 min
The massage bed is central to a good spa experience. So why not consider Co-branding with a mattress brand?
Ep.202-Co-branding Your Linen Experience
Jun 21 • 2 min
All spas need linen. Why not work with on me of the specialise linen brands to Co-brand your linens experience?
Ep.201-Partners not Suppliers
Jun 20 • 1 min
Spas need to stop thinking about Suppliers and start thinking about Co-Branding Partners.
Ep.200-Your CSR Story
Jun 19 • 3 min
If your CSR Initiatives are aligned with your brand…don’t be shy! Tell the world. It sort of your story.
Ep.199-Branding In-flight Sleep
Jun 18 • 2 min
Airlines are focusing on proving better sleeping experience. They’re partnering with linen companies to do so. Why not hotels? Or even Spas?
Ep.198-Creating Raw Content
Jun 17 • 2 min
If you can’t do ‘raw’ content naturally, then don’t. Creating good content is much more important.
Ep.197-It’s Your Fault
Jun 16 • 1 min
Don’t look to blame others or circumstances for where you’re at. It’s always your fault.
Ep.196-O-Bike Oh Dear!
Jun 15 • 3 min
The O-Bike Dockless Bike Sharing Program isn’t working. The bikes are getting stripped, dumped in rivers, etc. What does that say about us as a society? Sad.
Ep.195-Tourism Revenue Vs Tourist Arrivals
Jun 14 • 1 min
The main KPI for many tourism authorities will soon shift from Arrivals to Revenue.
Ep.194-Many Reasons - No Excuses
Jun 13 • 2 min
By all means, find as many reasons why as you possibly can. Just don’t use them as excuses. That’s on you!
Ep.193-Jacques Yves Cousteau Day
Jun 12 • 1 min
Legendary oceanic explorer - and one of my personal hero’s growing up - was born in June 11, 1910. Bravo for him! With the state of our oceans today, we need him more than ever.
Ep.192-NEWS: Five Elements & Evolution Wellness
Jun 11 • 2 min
Five Elements is joining Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness as part of Evoloution Wellness
Ep.191-Robot Love
Jun 10 • 1 min
Some fear once the robots get smarter than us, we’re doomed. They’ll wipe us out. But will they?
Ep.190-Hotel Innovations
Jun 9 • 2 min
Marriott’s planned refresh of the Sheraton brand has led to a few interesting innovations.
Ep.189-Hang Out Spaces not Service Centers
Jun 8 • 1 min
Spas need to be more than just service centres. We need to give people more reasons to come and more reasons to stay.
Ep.189-Professional Vs Practical
Jun 7 • 2 min
Don’t let the offical professional standards get in the way of delivering real customer service.
Ep.188-Brand Integrity Vs Brand Growth
Jun 6 • 2 min
There’s a time for being flexible to grow your brand and then there’s a time to tighten up. Where is your brand at on the growth curve?
Ep.187-NEWS : Now an Alexa Flash Briefing
Jun 5 • 1 min
Hey! Exciting news! Trent365! Is now available as an Alexa Flash Briefing! Go check it out and let me know what you think.
Ep.186-Practical Vs Polite
Jun 4 • 1 min
When it come to good customer service, I’ll always take Practical over Polite. What about you?
Ep.185-There’s No Place Like Home
Jun 3 • 2 min
This hotel is not my home. A script telling the receptionist to say ‘Welcome to your home’ isn’t going to change that. Get real!
Jun 2 • 2 min
Who even knew this was a word?!? But it is. The shrinking of sizes or quantities of products in order to reduce price increases.
Ep.183-Double Click Voice Ads
Jun 1 • 1 min
You can now but voice-only ads on Double-Click & they’re the same price as video ads!
Ep.182.5-Just Start
May 31 • 1 min
There’s always a million excuses and reasons not to try something new. All you need is one reason to start - Just Start!
Ep.182-In Flight Conference
May 31 • 2 min
Jetstar has teamed up with the Tech in Asia Conference to run an in-flight conference. Well done!
Ep.181-Spam is in the Eye of the Beholder
May 30 • 2 min
Just one email from your brand or business could be considered Spam - in the mind of the person receiving it.
Ep.180-Disappearing Ad Spots
May 29 • 1 min
TV networks are cutting back on ad spots. Why? Presumably because viewers aren’t watching any more. Big brands are turning to product placements instead. How about product placements in your business?
Ep.179-Intersections, Collisions & Roundabouts
May 28 • 2 min
Collisions are a necessary by-product of intersections. And intersections are essential if you’re going to build something great. What about Roundabouts?
Ep.177-Phones Down!
May 26 • 1 min
Front line service people in hotels, spas, restaurants, etc DO NOT need their mobile phones! Enough!
Ep.176-Collaborations & Partnerships
May 25 • 1 min
Find synergies with other companies, products and businesses. Collaborations and Partnerships are the smart way to create something truly innovative.
Ep.175-Create Your Land Value
May 24 • 1 min
We’re always told location matters and that the land is valuable. I’d argue it’s YOU who creates the value. So go make your own!
Ep.174-Death of In-Room Marketing
May 23 • 2 min
Tent cards, hang tags & guest compendiums are a thing of the past. But will going digital make this form of marketing any better?
Ep.173-Kindness SOPs
May 22 • 1 min
Your SOPs can help ensure good service. But look at them for a kindness angle and they can create genuine caring.
Ep.172-Dream Big, Live Simple
May 21 • 2 min
Imagine a life where money was no issue. What would you do each day/week/year if you had no constraints? In that answer lies true contentment.
Ep.171-Gift Liberally
May 20 • 2 min
Gift Vouchers should be honoured, even well beyond their validity date. Why? Why not?
Ep.170-Storytelling on-site
May 19 • 1 min
Telling your story across social media is one thing. But how can you tell your story to guests who are in your spa right now?
Ep.169-Context over Content
May 18 • 2 min
What we say and do is important, but the context in which we do it is sometimes even more important.
Ep.168-Netflix Hotel Pop-Ups
May 17 • 1 min
Hotel meeting rooms are usually empty - a lot. What if Netflix did pop up mini-cinemas in them?
Ep.167-Essence is Scalable
May 16 • 3 min
Scaling a truly bespoke concept is difficult - especially if it’s dependant on the location. But if you can identify the true essence of what you do and find some elements of that elsewhere, then you can start to scale it.
Ep.166-ListenNotes Search Engine
May 15 • 2 min
Finding the right podcast for you isn’t easy. But now there’s a great new podcast search engine - Check it Out!
Ep.165-Digital Wellness Whitepaper
May 14 • 2 min
The Digital Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute has just published their Whitepaper. Take a look…
Ep.164-KLOUT is closing down
May 13 • 2 min
KLOUT! was, at one time, the ultimate measure of your influence across the social networks. Now, it’s closing down. A ‘victim’ of the new GDPR data rules?
Ep.163-Shift in Workplace Wellness
May 11 • 1 min
An interesting new report out in Workplace Wellness. Renee Moorefield, Chair of the GWI Initiative on Wellness at Work identifies 10 shifts in wellness at work.
Ep.162-Franchise Due Diligence
May 11 • 2 min
Franchises can be a great way to get into your own business. But they are NOT a guarantee of success. Serious due diligence is essential.
Ep.161-Malaysia - a new beginning
May 10 • 2 min
After 61 years of same-party rule, Malaysia has voted out the incumbent and voted to re-instate a 92 year old former Prime Minister
Ep.160-Addicted to Love (or Likes)
May 9 • 2 min
We crave recognition. If human interaction won’t provide it for us, we’ll turn to social media and in turn our mobile devices.
Ep.159-Return on Wellness- Pt II
May 8 • 1 min
… this time it’s personal! The Human perspective of Return on Wellness is just as important , if not more so, than the financial perspective.
Ep.158-Return on Wellness
May 7 • 3 min
ROW - Return on Wellness. Simply put, how much profit do you make from your wellness-related activities, relative to the costs of providing it. Let’s start reporting on it!
Ep.157-Consolidation Kills Super Size Me
May 6 • 1 min
To offer value we often offer added volume at the same price. But maybe consolidation in the FMCG markets could lead to an end to that?
Ep.156-Health & Wellness Research
May 5 • 2 min
There’s a new research report out. It sure to have to some useful information, but follow the money. Don’t just blindly accept the results. If you want to spend $3500 for the report, here’s the link -…
Ep.155-Hotels - Face of Retail
May 4 • 1 min
Bricks and Mortar retails is dying. But online isn’t the only alternative. What about hotels?
Ep.154-Acorns at the Lumberyard
May 3 • 2 min
If you’re trying to sell your new thing, don’t expect the establishment to care. They’re invested in the status quo.
Ep.153-Lonely? Rent a Family!
May 2 • 2 min
As loneliness becomes more and more prevalent in society, will people turn to the option of hiring people to play the role of a family?
May 1 • 2 min
I’ve found this great little utility to highlight and correct basic spelling, punctuation & grammar mistakes in your emails, documents, etc. And the free version alone will make a difference . Best of all, it’s not in your face. Check it out.
Ep.151-Accor Mövenpick & Culture
Apr 30 • 2 min
Accor is acquiring Mövenpick Hotels. Accor’s rapid expansion and growth across multiple segments has been impressive. But what about the Culture?
Ep.150-Leveraging Weaknesses
Apr 29 • 2 min
It’s almost impossible to get the top off that Super Glue tube when it’s time to reuse it. Weakness or Opportunity?
Ep.149-Office of Healthy Tourism
Apr 28 • 1 min
Air BnB has just launched the Office of Healthy Tourism in a bid to encourage sustainable tourism. How long till they launch the Office of Wellness Tourism?
Ep.148-The Death of Coca-Cola
Apr 27 • 1 min
What’s the average age of a Coca-Cola consumer? It’s much older than you probably think. And that’s not a good sign.
Ep.147-To Retain or To Restore
Apr 26 • 2 min
What is it with Modern Man’s (Woman’s) obsession to restore things to their former glory?
Ep.146-Amazon In-Car Delivery
Apr 25 • 2 min
Amazon has teamed up with Volvo to allow you to have packages left in your car.
Ep.145-Drinkfinity and Beyond!
Apr 24 • 2 min
Pepsi has just launched a new customisable, refillable drink concept - Drinkfinity.
Ep.144-IBM will get you fired!
Apr 23 • 1 min
Nobody got fired for buying IBM was a cliche back in the day. The same cliche could be applied to hotel spas today.
Ep.143-Brain Optimization
Apr 22 • 2 min
Would you be willing to try ‘Accupuncture for your Brain’ to improve you brain’s efficiency?
Ep.142-Retail First
Apr 21 • 1 min
Bricks and Mortar retail is struggling. Maybe spas and hotels can offer an alternative for retailers?
Ep.141-Dead Brand Walking
Apr 20 • 2 min
John Deere is a strong brand - today. But as techonologies advance, will that still be true in the future? Or are they going to need to innovate themselves into obsolescence?
Ep.140-Transparency of Rubbish
Apr 19 • 1 min
Will transparent rubbish bins increase awareness of the need to recycle? One council in Western Australia is going to find out.
Ep.139 - WELL Building Standard
Apr 18 • 2 min
The IWBI has enrolled more than 780 projects across 32 countries representing over 147 million square feet of real estate. Wow!
Ep.137-Car Park Spaces
Apr 16 • 1 min
Why haven’t car park spaces been designed to let you fully open your car door? Maybe today it’s because of limited space, but that hasn’t always been a consideration.
Ep.136-Mega City Future
Apr 15 • 2 min
Mega Cities may we’ll be a reality for the not too distant future. What will that mean for your customers?
Ep.135-Optimism Vs Pessimism
Apr 14 • 1 min
It’s all about attitude. See every difficulty as an opportunity OR see the difficulty in every opportunity. The choice is yours. What Would Winston Do?
Ep. 134-Wellness Real Estate
Apr 13 • 2 min
Back in 2015, the Global Wellness Economy Monitor valued the Wellness Real Estate segment at $199 Billion. I’m starting to see this play out.
Ep.133-Move Slow & Absorb Things
Apr 12 • 1 min
Move Fast & Break Things doesn’t work in a service business. Instead, try this…
Ep.132-Nurses and Spa Therapists
Apr 11 • 2 min
Could nurses be the ideal recruits for the spa industry?
Ep.131-Ask a Little, Listen a Lot
Apr 10 • 1 min
You don’t know what you don’t know. Go with a shorter list of questions and then listen, observe and absorb.
Ep.130-Open Plan Kills Productivity
Apr 9 • 2 min
Open Plan offices are said to improve communication & collaboration. Maybe so. But I reckon they can hurt productivity.
Ep.129-Compared to What?
Apr 8 • 2 min
For my assessment of your services and facilities to be of any use, you need to first understand my point of reference.
Ep.128-Fresh Eyes
Apr 6 • 2 min
Fresh Eyes just see things differently. Here’s a couple of little tips for you to keep your team’s eyes fresh…
Ep.127-Authentic Wins!
Apr 6 • 2 min
Services and Facilities are important but if you can’t deliver them authentically, it won’t amount to much.
Ep.126-Proximity of Strangers
Apr 4 • 2 min
I don’t want to sit at a restaurant table right next to total strangers. Stop pretending this is for efficiency reasons. #customerfirst
Ep.125-The Palau Pledge
Apr 3 • 2 min
Every guest arriving into this unique island paradise must sign a pledge at immigration to be a responsible tourist. Brilliant!
Ep.124-Airline Food or a Pill?
Apr 3 • 1 min
Nobody likes airline food. So let’s stop it. Why can’t we have a pill or a supplement to sustain our hunger for the flight? Astronauts survive ok, don’t they?
Ep.123-Changing Behaviour
Apr 2 • 2 min
If you want consumers to change their behaviour, you need to give them an immediate benefit.
Ep.122-Sleep, Rest, Reboot, or…?
Apr 1 • 1 min
All of these terms have positive connotations and I think could be the foundation of some really strong wellness brands. Who’s going to build them?
Ep.121-IBM’s Watson Assistant
Mar 31 • 2 min
If you want a white label voice solution for your business - check out IBM’s Watson Assistant
Ep.120-Silly Sports
Mar 30 • 1 min
Why isn’t there a Harlem Globetrotters for every sport?
Ep.119-Being Early & Being Wrong
Mar 29 • 1 min
If you’re new product or service is too far ahead of the market, it won’t resonate. Effectively, you’re wrong.
Ep.118-Perspective Matters
Mar 28 • 1 min
An upside down 9 can look like a 6. It all depends on where you’re standing. The same is true for all aspects of your business. So take time to understand the perspective of your customers or clients. Because it matters!
Ep.117-Everybody’s Watching
Mar 27 • 1 min
You can dance like nobody’s watching, but you better be sure to act like everybody’s watching. Coz they are.
Ep.116-The Validation Effect
Mar 26 • 1 min
In lieu of any other informs to the contrary, a trophy, an award, or a stamp offers validation of quality.
Ep.115-Culture Can’t be Taught
Mar 24 • 1 min
Culture must be lived. You really can’t expect to teach someone your culture. They must experience it. They must live it.
Ep.114-Content is your CV
Mar 23 • 2 min
You blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Instagram account, your self-published book. A bank of YOUR content with YOUR voice is better than CV you create.
Ep.113-Facebook Killers?
Mar 22 • 2 min
The last Facebook privacy scandal could be the beginning of the end according to some. Here’s a fee possible replacements …
Ep.112-Secret to Success
Mar 21 • 1 min
Some say it’s about working smarter, not harder. Why not do both?
Ep.111-Domain Names Will Die
Mar 20 • 1 min
In a world where voice search is dominant, what will be the value in a strong domain name? My guess…not much.
Ep.110-Maybe This Time
Mar 19 • 1 min
Just because you tried it before and it didn’t work doesn’t mean that it won’t work this time.
Ep.109-No Secrets. No Lies.
Mar 19 • 2 min
Too many companies and businesses worry about protecting their IP when there really isn’t too much Intellectual about it. Transparency is almost always a better option.
Ep.108-Poison Vs Medicine
Mar 18 • 0 min
Poison is just medicine - but in a higher dose. The same principle could apply to many other things in life too.
Ep.107-Toys’r’Us Homeless Opportunity
Mar 16 • 2 min
Offices and Retail spaces around the world are empty BUT still people are sleeping on the streets. Surely there’s a way we can tap in to that under-utilised capacity.
Ep.106-Cheeseburgers and Spas
Mar 15 • 1 min
What’s the connection between the cheeseburger on your room service menu and your Spa?
Ep.105-Starbucks Values
Mar 14 • 1 min
The company is famous for providing medical insurance to all employees. But when they entered China the company realised this policy wasn’t quite right.
Ep.104-AirBnB Spas
Mar 13 • 1 min
AirBnB has NOT launched a Spa Division. But don’t you think they could/should?
Ep.103-My House My Rules
Mar 12 • 4 min
If you don’t control the platform, you must follow someone else’s rules. What can you do to insulate yourself from rule changes?
Ep.102-Sensor Opportunity
Mar 11 • 1 min
Sensors are being embedded into our daily lives, especially in products that help track health & wellness markets. Spas are the perfect place to guide consumers through the myriad of options available.
Ep.101-Feel My Pain
Mar 11 • 2 min
If you can understand the pain points of your customers and help them at least manage that pain, if not alleviate it, you’re on a winner!
Ep.100-Celebrating Milestones
Mar 9 • 4 min
*SPECIAL GIVE AWAY* To celebrate the 100th episode of the show, I’m giving away 1 HOUR of my time. Just send an email to with the word WINNER in the subject line. If you’re one of the first THREE emails I receive…YOU WIN!
Ep.99-Create & Claim
Mar 8 • 2 min
What’s the ‘Offical XYZ’ of your Industry? If it doesn’t exist, go and create it. Then claim it.
Ep.98-Almost Opportunities
Mar 7 • 1 min
Be careful not to be too distracted by Almost Opportunities. By all means, fully explore them, but don’t allow yourself to lose focus on the bigger picture or the business of the day.
Ep.97-Unexpected Impact
Mar 6 • 2 min
The unexpected always makes an impact. Think about what you can do in your business that would not be expected. If you can, you’re sure to make an impact.
Mar 5 • 2 min
The person / product / service / business that tells the best story wins! Today, more than ever, story telling cam truly be the variable of your success.
Ep.95-Impatience is a Virtue
Mar 4 • 1 min
If it enables you to break through the barrier of fear that so often holds us back, then impatience can indeed be a virtue.
Ep.94-Video Apps for Voice
Mar 3 • 3 min
Short videos help a lot when sharing your audio shows across the social networks. 3 simple tools I use - Anchor, Lumen5 & Sparemin
Ep.93- Voice:Amazon or Google?
Mar 2 • 3 min
Which voice platform is right for you? Amazon, Google, Apple or Microsoft? A lot will depend on what other devices you have in your life and what your use case is.
Ep.92-Ecosystem of Voice
Mar 1 • 2 min
Alexa Skills and Briefings, Google Actions and Apps - what’s it all about?
Ep.91-Ads on Voice
Feb 28 • 2 min
Voice is the new frontier. Advertisers are clambering. But for now at least, they don’t have many options. That’s great for your Customers.
Ep.90-Voice and FAQ
Feb 27 • 1 min
As Voice becomes the preferred option for search, your Customers will be asking questions to find you. Your FAQ section now becomes critical.
Ep.89-SEO for Voice
Feb 26 • 2 min
SEO helps you get found on the web. The same principles apply to being found on Voice. But the tactics vary. The trick - just think about how people speak. Phrases, not just key words.
Ep.88-Why Voice Matters
Feb 25 • 2 min
Today I want to share some of the statistics and data that support my suggestions that Voice is coming - and quickly.
Ep. 87-Social Media Rules
Feb 24 • 2 min
Theres are only 25 countries in the world where Facebook does NOT own the number 1 messenging app. And organic reach is declining. But social media still rules!
Ep.86-Accountability is Human
Feb 23 • 2 min
Accountability is not to a number or a metric, it is to the person on the other side of that metric. It’s always personal.
Ep.85-World Wellness Weekend
Feb 22 • 4 min
23 - 24 September is the date. The idea is to create an annual global event that promotes wellness. It’s like a global Open House for wellness. Check out the website for more information -
Ep.84-The Chinese Wave
Feb 21 • 2 min
Less than 10% of the Chinese population has a passport. So if you think the current flood of Chinese tourists has been hard to handle - look out!
Ep.83-Baked in not Locked Down
Feb 20 • 2 min
Spas are pretty much embedded into the fabric of hotels these days. But the concept isn’t set in stone. That presents a massive up side for those willing to innovate.
Ep.82-Pop Up Hospital Hotel
Feb 19 • 1 min
I was in a hospital recently that shut down a whole ward because there weren’t enough patients to justify keeping it open. They just moved the patients to another ward. Maybe that empty ward could be used for a Pop Up Hotel?
Ep.81 - Air Quality Dilemma
Feb 18 • 1 min
According to the WHO, 92% of the world’s population live in air that is below their acceptable standards. Wow! How’s your air?
Ep.80-Pop Up Uni-Hotel
Feb 17 • 1 min
When University’s are on a break, the dorms are empty. A company in Sydney has seen that as an opportunity to create a Pop Up Hotel. Brilliant.
Ep.79-Self Driving Bicycle
Feb 16 • 1 min
Google has developed a Self Driving Bicycle. It’s very cool. The business lesson here? Technology has the potential to disrupt everything!
Ep.78-The 80/20 Inefficiency
Feb 15 • 1 min
We’re all familiar with the idea of The 80/20 Principle. 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of your treatments/products/services. But isn’t that incredibly inefficient.
Ep.77-Opposite Works
Feb 14 • 1 min
Instead of doing the same as everyone else, trying doing the opposite. Maybe the market is smaller, but a bigger slice of a smaller pie is sometimes better.
Ep.76-Quality vs Time
Feb 13 • 2 min
Time always seems to be the focus these days. We all talk about saving time for our customers. And it’s important - unless you’re offering something special. Unique, Bespoke, Custom Made, Quality are always another option.
Ep.75-Beware the Exposure
Feb 12 • 1 min
Many businesses obsess about how they can get more exposure for their business. But if the product or service isn’t the best it can be, Advertising and PR will only serve to accelerate your demise.
Ep.74-Does Motivation Matter?
Feb 11 • 2 min
If you’re doing the right thing for the wrong reason, does it matter? Regardless of your motivation for doing the right thing, no matter how selfish or self-serving, in the end, the outcome is what counts.
Ep.73-Travel Tip #1
Feb 10 • 1 min
Lots of countries now require biometric scanning before entry. For most, that includes fingerprints. But those fingerprint scanners don’t always work well. Here’s a little hack to get it right every time…
Ep.72-Loser to Leader
Feb 9 • 2 min
Massage Envy copped a lot of flack from all of us (including me) when the sex scandal broke late last year. They were shown to have a lack of Policies and Processes, especially around Safety and Security. But they’ve taken action…
Ep.71-Medical Re-Bookings
Feb 8 • 2 min
Spa Managers talk a lot about the need for re-bookings. Doctors and Hospitals have got that process all sorted. What can we learn from them?
Ep.70-Know Your Niche
Feb 7 • 3 min
It’s easier today than ever before to start your own business. But it’s also harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. So it’s more important than ever to Know Your Niche.
Ep.69-Water into Wine
Feb 6 • 1 min
Research by Dr. Marc Cohen & Dr. Vincenzo Romano Spica into the mfDNA (micro floral DNA) of water sources could create a massive new marketing opportunity. Not just for thermal waters but maybe all water.
Ep.68-Smarter Vs Harder
Feb 5 • 1 min
Work hard, until you know enough to work smart - then do both! It’s not a case of either / or. People who say they’re all about working harder are just too lazy to work harder anymore.
Ep.67-Influence is Real
Feb 4 • 3 min
Influencers hasn’t really changed - just their platforms. Hollywood, magazines and newspapers have been replaced by YouTube, Instagram & Snapchat.
Ep.66-Talk to Customers
Feb 3 • 1 min
A recent research report of 40,000 gym members showed that if you reach out and talk to your Customers, they’ll be better advocates for your business. No shit!
Ep.65-The Snap Store
Feb 2 • 1 min
Snapchat has officially launched a Store on its platform. Currently it’s just a place to buy Snapchat merchandise, but I think we can expected to see much more happening here in the near future.
Ep.64-Anti-Placebo Effect
Feb 1 • 1 min
The Placebo Effect is a well known theory that, in essence, suggests the mind can heal the body. So it follows that the mind could also make the body sick too.
Ep.63-Language Equals Attitude
Jan 31 • 2 min
Your attitude impacts the language you use. It’s as true for people as it is for companies, businesses and brands. What does your language say about your attitude?
Ep.62-Wake Up Call
Jan 30 • 1 min
Last night in the Le Meridien hotel in Jakarta, the room service deliver guy asked me if I wanted to book a wake up call. Brilliant! What a great service touch.
Ep.61-What if it wasn’t?
Jan 29 • 2 min
The way true innovation happens is by someone looking at the way things are done today and asking ‘What if it wasn’t?’ What if that wasn’t the way we did things? What if that isn’t where we put things? What if we didn’t sell those products? What would we…
Ep.60-Movement or Industry
Jan 28 • 2 min
Is Wellness a Movement or an Industry? A quick look at a number of attributes of each suggests Wellness is indeed a Movement. Let’s take a look…
Ep.59-Workplace Wellness
Jan 27 • 2 min
Do Workplace Wellness programs work? A new study out of the University of Illinois in the US would suggest…maybe not.
Ep.58-Portable Photo Studio
Jan 26 • 2 min
I just found a great little product to allow you to get great quality photos of your products. It’s called a Portable Photo Studio Lightbox. Simply unfold the sides, place your product inside, point and click.
Ep.57-Instagram Store
Jan 25 • 2 min
Recent changes to the ad products at Facebook & YouTube seem to be intent on making it harder for buyers and sellers to transact. This is where Instagram’s new Store feature has the chance to make its mark…IF it existed!
Ep.56-Tomorrow Spa
Jan 24 • 2 min
What is the future for hotel spas? Will they look like they do today? Or will they be significantly different? Well, there’s a new eBook, just released, that explores these questions and more. The Tomorrow Spa.
Ep.55-DNA Opportunity
Jan 23 • 2 min
DNA analysis, once I limited supply, is quickly becoming accessible to the masses. With it comes a big opportunity for spas to be at the front end and back end of the value chain. Very Exciting!
Ep.54-Video Overload
Jan 23 • 3 min
The big Social Networks have been pushing video content hard in recent years. But it seems to be working against them. Attention and Engagement is the key to any content marketing strategy.
Ep.54-Video Overload
Jan 22 • 3 min
The big Social Networks have been pushing video content hard in recent years. But it seems to be working against them. Attention and Engagement is the key to any content marketing strategy.
Ep.53-Thrive Yourself!
Jan 21 • 3 min
Ariana Huffington’s new company - Thrive Global - has launched the Thrive App. The idea is to help YOU take back control of YOUR usage if YOUR smartphone. But guess what? You’ve always had control.
Ep.52-Windows not Mirrors
Jan 20 • 1 min
Forget about taking a long, hard look in the mirror. More important is to look out the window. Self Reflection is great, but will only result in incremental change. True innovation is out the window.
Ep.51-Producer of Outcomes
Jan 19 • 3 min
Think of your business not as a producer of products or a provider of services, but as a Producer of Outcomes. Ultimately, that’s what your customers are really buying.
Ep.50-NEWS: One Spa World
Jan 18 • 2 min
Steiner Leisure have announced the formation of ONE SPA WORLD. A new company that combines our Spas On Sea, On Land & Online. 220+ Spas, 3,000 employees, 4 million Spa & Beauty services annually.
Ep.49-Content is King
Jan 17 • 3 min
L’Oreal has just launched their own in-house digital content studio. We should all take note. To stay relevant in today’s world you need to be pumping out digital content regularly. And you CAN!
Ep.48-Give Graciously
Jan 16 • 2 min
If you’re going to give - Give Graciously! It’s a pretty simple principle, but at the same time a really powerful one. To give with Terms & Conditions can have the opposite impact to what was intended
Ep.47-LinkedIn Profiles
Jan 15 • 4 min
LinkedIn is supposed to be the Professional Social Network. So your profile should reflect that. Use your content and contributions to stand out - not emojis, symbols, catch phrases, initials, etc.
Ep.46-Facebook Feed Changes
Jan 14 • 5 min
Facebook is making changes to the way your Feed works. You will now see more content from your friends, rather than for businesses and news sites. Just like a Social Network! ;-)
Ep.45-The Reality of News
Jan 13 • 2 min
In days gone by, we all got our news from the same few sources (TV, Radio, Papers). We were all fed the same basic perspective. Today, the algorithms show us what we want to see. What’s next for news?
Ep.44-What industry are we in?
Jan 12 • 1 min
@timblake suggested on Twitter that Healthcare is really in the Information Industry. Following that thinking , what industry is Spa & We’ll was in? Maybe the Education industry? The Leisure industry?
Ep.43-Departure Experience
Jan 11 • 3 min
First impressions count - Last impressions multiply! Spas do a good job with the arrival experience but not so at departure. And it’s here we have the greatest potential to impact the business.
Ep.42-Hard Rock Spas
Jan 10 • 2 min
Creating unique Hotel Spa concepts is hard. It helps if your hotel Brand is truly unique to begin with. Just like Hard Rock Hotels. Imagine the experiences you could create blending Rock and Spa?
Ep.39-Facial Sheet Masks
Jan 7 • 2 min
Facial Sheet Masks offer a convenience that today’s busy consumer will appreciate. Big Beauty Brands should embrace them as a gateway product. And they could be the Holy Grail for male facial care.
Ep.38-Golf Courses & Wellness
Jan 6 • 2 min
Golf Courses have a bad reputation when it comes to the environment. Golf & Spa have worked well together over the years. Can Golf & Wellness co-exist in the Wellness Resorts of Tomorrow?
Ep.37-Product Registration
Jan 5 • 2 min
In most countries, skincare products need to be registered. This requires a local entity. What if your product house doesn’t have a local company established or a local distributor appointed?
Ep.36-Respect People’s Time
Jan 4 • 4 min
Even if they don’t respect yours, you should always be respectful of the time and attention others have give you. It’s just smart business. I know you’re busy, but find the time.
Ep.35-Brand Pull
Jan 3 • 2 min
To what extent can a brand pull in customers, purely on the strength of the brand alone? When it comes to Spa brands, in most cases, not too much. So can we still offer brand value to the hotels? Yes.
Ep.34-Facebook Live your Spa
Jan 2 • 3 min
Content Marketing matters. Today there is no excuse for not creating your own content. It’s easy to do with tools like Facebook Live. No fancy scripts or storyboards. Just record what you do. LIVE.
Ep.33-Podcast to your Customer
Jan 1 • 3 min
A regular short-form podcast, just like Trent365!, is a great way to bring value and build a closer relationship with your customer base. With Anchor it’s as easy as talking on the phone. Just try.
Ep.32-Weighted Sleep Blankets
Dec 31, 2017 • 1 min
Research suggests that laying under a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight, will help you sleep. It’s said to simulate being hugged and has been used in occupational therapy for years.
Ep.31-Ode to Tomorrow Spa
Dec 30, 2017 • 2 min
My New Year’s Resolution is to try to convince just a few key decision makers that the Spa of Tomorrow has only some of the Spa of Today. We need to try new elements, new combinations. Let’s try!
Ep.30-Top Wellness Hotel Brand
Dec 29, 2017 • 2 min
A new report released by research firm Technavio names the hotel brands leading the wellness tourism race. Some of the names might surprise you. Wellness is no longer just the domain of the Spa.
Ep.29-Spas and Jazz Bars
Dec 28, 2017 • 2 min
What can Spas learn from Jazz Bars? If Jazz Bars can create a space where talent comes to give and customers come to receive, why can’t Spas do the same? It’d be like a Therapist Jam Session.
Ep.28-How Voice Enhances
Dec 27, 2017 • 1 min
I’m bullish on Voice as a future interface, mainly as it will save us time. But it can also enhance our experiences. Imagine reading a book aloud and your Home speaker providing a backing track.
Ep.27-Privacy vs Safety
Dec 26, 2017 • 2 min
Is this the end of the hotel Do Not Disturb sign? Disney hotels believes so. Why? Safety & Security. Now every guest room will be entered at least once per day. Do you want Privacy or Safety?
Ep.26-People are the Same
Dec 25, 2017 • 2 min
Every nationality is different, but so too is every person. At their core, people are the same. Treat them with a basic level of respect and decency and you will always find a way to work together.
Ep.25-The Customer has Contr
Dec 24, 2017 • 4 min
Never forget that the customer always wants to feel they have the upper hand in any negotiation. It’s even more true when the biz fails to deliver on a promise. Be honest. Listen. Then play your hand.
Ep.24-Through Their Eyes
Dec 23, 2017 • 2 min
If you have a consumer facing element to your business you MUST do this! Walk the Floor. See things through the eyes of a customer, not as someone who works there. Details matter - a lot. See them.
Ep.23-Voice is Coming
Dec 22, 2017 • 3 min
Alexa, Siri, Google Home. Whatever the device. Whatever the platform. Voice is Coming - and fast. Voice saves us time. Voice is also closest to the consumer. Time and Proximity = WIN! Start now.
Ep.22-Glass Half Empty
Dec 21, 2017 • 1 min
Is the glass Half Full or Half Empty? Your answer supposedly tells if you’re a positive person or negative. To me, it is always Half Empty - & that’s positive. In the Empty Lies the Opportunity.
Ep.21-Language Matters
Dec 20, 2017 • 2 min
Language is intended to be personal. Though people may not always immediately react to it, language matters. Not just the volume or tone, but the words. I is always better than WE.
Ep.20-Face of Wellness
Dec 19, 2017 • 2 min
Spas have an opportunity to become the public face of all things Wellness. Not just for treatments. Workplace Wellness, Wellness Tourism even Wellnesss Real Estate. Spas could be the conduit for all.
Ep.19-Online Spa Retail
Dec 18, 2017 • 2 min
While most spas are still struggling with in-Spa retail, the smart ones are finding ways to sell online. Perfect for private label but doesn’t have to stop there. It can be drive new customers too.
Ep.18-The Funny Yoga Guy
Dec 17, 2017 • 3 min
I discovered Yogi Idan Kirshner on Facebook. He’s on YouTube too. Check him out. Good lessons to learn on creating engaging content for social media. He makes yoga practical and non-intimidating. Fun.
Ep.17-The Robot Spa
Dec 16, 2017 • 3 min
The Future of Work. Robots couldn’t really ever replace Spa Therapists - or could they? What are we selling? What are our clients buying? Sensors, Wearables, etc. Technology is coming. We can’t hide.
Ep.16-Absence of Thoughts cont
Dec 15, 2017 • 2 min
Facebook scientists say absorbing content passively makes you feel worse. I say it also inhibits your ability to think for yourself. To absorb other’s content is to absorb their thoughts.
Ep.15-Failure to Scale
Dec 14, 2017 • 2 min
Why haven’t Wellness Resort brands been able to scale? Is it because the Founders are critical & people don’t scale? Is it because location is critical? Because unit economics don’t work? What else?
Ep.14-Service Recovery
Dec 13, 2017 • 4 min
Service Recovery is awesome! It gives you the chance to turn a negative into a massive positive. The key is to Give Graciously. If you can’t do that, then better to not give at all.
Ep.13-Hotels Win Gig Economy
Dec 12, 2017 • 1 min
Why isn’t Marriott the #1 Food Delivery service in the world? Hilton the #1 Maid Service? Accor the #1 Massage in Demand service? They have the footprint, expertise & capital. So they could!?!
Ep.12 - AR & VR in Spas
Dec 11, 2017 • 3 min
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are all the rage. But what are the practical applications for Spas? Is it too early? Are Spas ready for it? What are the Spa Equipment makers doing in this space?
Ep.11 - Features v Benefits
Dec 10, 2017 • 4 min
Are you selling Features or Benefits? Does it matter ? (Hint: YES!) I share an interesting ‘Case Study’ from the world of luggage that might help explain.
Ep.10-The Brand of Spa
Dec 9, 2017 • 2 min
Spa, as a concept, already has brand awareness. People expect a Spa in a 4 Star / 5 Star Hotel. It’s baked into the system. What’s missing right now is Product-Market fit. That means opportunity!
Ep-9 Democratising Spa Confs
Dec 8, 2017 • 2 min
Spa Conferences are all about information & networking. Both these things can be done very efficiently & effectively online. It’s time to disrupt the Spa Conference model. We can do better.
Ep.8-Empowerment is Delegation
Dec 7, 2017 • 1 min
Empowerment is just a fancy word for delegation. The key to effective delegation is checks and balances and processes. With this empowerment is just absolving management of responsibility.
Ep.7-True Partnerships
Dec 6, 2017 • 2 min
The partnership between skincare brands and spas usually stops at the retail shelves. In a crowded marketplace there is an opportunity for a much deeper relationship.
Ep.6-Lessons from Food Trucks
Dec 5, 2017 • 3 min
Imbalance between Supply & Demand is the biggest issue for most spas. What Business has the Supply & Demand equation right? Food Trucks! So what business lessons can Spas learn from Food Trucks?
Ep.5-Branding Mental Wellness
Dec 4, 2017 • 2 min
Is ‘Mental Wellness’ the right term to use? Or, is there a stigma attached? Should we create a brand for Mental Wellness that comes to define the category. Like Xerox, or Hoover before.
Ep.4-Spa Trends
Dec 3, 2017 • 3 min
Tis the season! Not Xmas. It’s the Spa Trends Season. You’ll start seeing ‘Top 20 Spa Trends for 2018’. Each will be different. Many will be Fads, not Trends. And that could be dangerous.
Ep.3-It’s the Brand’s fault
Dec 2, 2017 • 5 min
If Brands want to get the benefits from brand awareness in good times, they’ve gotta take the hits when the brand fails. We buy the value the Brand represents. If it fails, the Brand must cop it.
Ep.2-Lessons from CEO Letter
Dec 1, 2017 • 4 min
The CEO of Massage Envy has issued a formal response to allegations of sexual assault at franchise locations. I’ll unpack that letter a bit and discuss where I think it worked and where it didn’t.
Ep.1-Massage Envy Sex Scandal
Nov 30, 2017 • 4 min
Over 180 individuals have filed Sexual Assault charges against Massage Envy locations. It’s a big wake up call for the Spa Industry. We can’t just go along with our collective heads in the sand.