You Don’t Need A Business Plan To Start A Blog
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February 28, 2019
Do you want to start a blog? And are you working on your business plan? Well, I have good news for you. You can skip the business plan. And if you have one, throw out the window. We use business plan as an excuse to procrastinate. “I’m still working on my business plan.” Yeah right! I said that in the past as well. But I was just afraid to get started. So instead of wasting your time on a business plan, do this instead: 1. Write an about section 2. Pick your core topics 3. Create 5 pieces of content about your core topics By taking action, you will start building something. That’s what blogging is all about. It’s about creating something out of nothing. Good luck with creating! Thanks for checking out this episode! Get my eBook “Six Figure Pitching” for free. In the book, I share my 7 best email templates that you can use to increase your conversions, get published in top publication, and improve your email open rates. Get the book here: —————- Connect With…