[Ep. 189] What It Means To Be A Man In 2017
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Chelsea Handler friend and co-star Heather McDonald joins us in studio to discuss what it means to be a man in 2017 and what do women really respond to. Today’s show involves some very sticky topics including the female POV on what IS sexual harassment and things women take offense to but aren’t telling you about. We also dive into 1. How to avoid frustration and resentment in your Long Term Relationship 2. How to alleviate built up tension between you and your significant other 3. How to “work on” your relationship and what it actually means 4. How to have a successful long term relationship - secrets to success 5. DECODED: The little things women do that confuse you 6. Insecurities women have that men don’t know about 7. Things women do that you may misinterpret as her not liking you that actually mean something else And so much more! Guests: Heather McDonald and Mike Falzone This was a really fun episode and I promise you won’t be disappointed when you listen! For more information f Become a supporter of…