10 - The One about Synodality
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Today’s episode is a lovely chat with our very talented friend Jakob Karl Rinderknecht, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Pastoral Institute at University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX). First, we ask Jakob a series of our go-to Introductory Questions. These questions lead to impromptu introductions to monastic tonsure, as well as the weird and wonderful Milwaukee watering hole known as The Palm. Next, Jakob gives us a primer on the complex history of the relationships between the local and universal church, the episcopacy and the papacy, and ecclesial authority and local governments. The conversation culminates in a nuanced and accessible introduction to synods, the relationship(s) of synods and councils, and the consequences of various positions on synodality in contemporary Catholic theology. Jakob also shares his Treasures Old and New, and then we say goodbye. Exciting reminder: We are now on iTunes! Please search for Systematically Podcast, hit the “Subscribe” button,…